Rebecca and Isabel

As I said before I have always liked Autumn Ambriel by Bo Bergemann. Since I decided at a time not to buy her and still regretting it, I thought that getting a doll on a different body with a similar face-up would be a nice solution. So, I ordered Bree with a similar face-up by Bo, with the same “skin” colour. But when I got her she clearly was NOT the Autumn Ambriel. I can see it even more clearly now, when finally Autumn Ambriel lives with me (she has told me – at last! – that her name is Rebecca or Becky). So, I have decided to let my Bree go…

Here are Isabel (Bree) and Rebecca (Autumn Ambriel) together. For the last time…




2 thoughts on “Rebecca and Isabel

  1. Wow! They are quite different! I thought it’s just faceup, but the shape of Bree’s face are not the same. It looks narrower than Ambriel’s.

  2. Indeed! I thought it’s just the fact that Bree’s head is more egg-like (similar to Kaye Wiggs dolls), but it’s also the shape of the face that makes such a huge difference.

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