Dexter by Iplehouse

IMG_0706_thumbIMG_0746_thumbI have always liked this doll. He was my first choice when I was thinking of finding a Mr Rochester doll, but then decided against him in favour of Arvid (who looks less severe). I thought I would never have another huge male doll but… I have fallen in love with the BBC film North and South (2004) and I thought since I have a Jane-Rochester couple, I must have a Margaret-John couple, too.

So, this is E.I.D. Dexter by Iplehouse. And he is to be my Mr Thornton as played by Richard Armitage. He certainly has Richard’s famously beautiful nose! The chin will be modded (it’s too square as it is now). Dexter is 70.5 cm tall, has a Model body and is in realskin.

His wig is temporary. I might cut this one or find another one – we’ll see. Dexter had to borrow the shirt from his mate Rochester. It seems that his neck is longer than that of Rochester (who has a Superhero type of body), so the shirt is not perfect but it will do for the moment. And of course, love of Mr Thornton’s life Margaret was desperately waiting for him.


And now both Dexter and Audrey will go for a face-up and will come back a couple of months later transformed into John Thornton and Margaret Hale…

The box opening and more photos are in the gallery below.

6 thoughts on “Dexter by Iplehouse

    1. Марина, спасибо! Он по размеру такой же, как и Рочестер. Просто у него другой тип тела, он на пол-сантиметра выше Рочестера (70,5 см вместо 70) и на 400 грамм легче (Декстер весит 2,6 кг, а Рочестер – целых 3 кг!). Суровый – это есть. Подпилим подбородок, станет лучше.

  1. Пара получилась замечательная. Такой суровый кавалер и нежная девушка 🙂

    1. Спасибо! По замыслу, ему 30 лет, ей – 19-20. Мне еще очень нравится их разница в росте!

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait myself to see them with faceups! The height difference is exactly the same as in the film!

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