Rosy: to be or not to be?

A few days ago I decided to take new photos of (so far) my Supia Rosy – for the purpose of selling her (which I have unsuccessfully been trying to do for the last year!). I was happily snapping away the photos of the doll that still didn’t click with me… I got these shots…



And was about to put her back in her box where she has spent the last year, but then I decided to try to change her eyes and wig. That was my biggest mistake, I guess! Because once I put in these blue glass eyes and gave her this wig which was just lying around without being used by any doll, Rosy suddenly clicked with me!!







The big question is: what should I do with her now? To sell or not to sell?? My instinct is telling me to sell you anyway, but… I just don’t know. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Rosy: to be or not to be?

  1. Hmmm… You know I’m not the best adviser as I love Supia dolls and think they do have very alive and unique faces. I think Rosy looks beautiful and can imaging her to look simply stunning in a beautiful historical dress made by you. But then again, there is a selfish hope that you can make dress for my girl(not so many nicely fitting clothes for the Supia new body I would probably leave her until I absolutely in need of money for the new doll and then revisit this selling question.

  2. Thank you, Sveta! Well, that’s what I see her wearing – historical outfits. The trouble is I do have many dolls already, but she is the only one on this body. I do have to admit that the way she sits is very natural – I like that. But she is very very pale. It takes me forever to get a few decent shots of her – she always turns out overexposed! I thought you can sew, too? But it is truly flattering that you might want me to make a dress for your Anna. All in all, I am very tempted to keep her…

  3. Hello Gwendolen, I know exactly what you mean! I can only speak out of my own experience, but usually my first feeling is the right one. There’s always a reason why a doll is going to be sold, but I tend to forget this reason after a while if she isn’t sold immediately! I think you have to consider the pros and cons carefully :-). She IS a beauty though! I like it that she is so pale, especially with the new wig and eyes. Greetings, Linda

    1. Hi Linda. Oh, my first feeling with this doll was quite straightforward: definitely NOT a keeper!! She was too pale for my taste and she also smelled of resin when I opened the box (and I usually have an allergy to BJDs that smell – that is Dollmore, Fairyland, and Supia, too – the skin on my hands and face almost immediately gets dry and itchy). I ordered her without a face-up, and she arrived even without eyes! She’s had two face-ups since I received her – my friend who does face-ups for my dolls also had difficult time finding an inspiration for painting her. Now it is the first time in 13 months that Rosy has showed her true self – with this new wig and eyes. Since I have a lot of large BJDs, it would make sense to sell her, BUT… she is – finally!! – beautiful… BUT again… I like dolls that are more on the tanned side…
      PS. I have finally decided to sell my Fairyland MiniFee Mirwen, and one of the reasons is that she is too pale for me (the other one is that I don’t like her body).

  4. Right! Ariadne and I had a discussion today and we have decided not to sell Rosy quite yet. When I return from summer holidays, we will re-string and hot-glue her and Ariadne will repaint her again (leaving the lips as they are now – I love them!). And I will make her a historical dress (Sviatlana, which period do you see her in?). And then we’ll see!

  5. I’m so happy that you decided to keep Rosy! She has a beautiful face! Thee was times in history when the pale skin was fashionable, right (in Elizabethan England for example)? And I think Rosy will look great in Tudor era outfit. But I do hope to see her in Victorian dress. I believe she will look stunning in this costume.
    I personally love NS dolls and think that some of bjds look better in it. It’s easier to make good picture and to paint the dolls in light tan but for some reason all my favorite dolls have NS. It’s hard to explain, but when you do faceup for NS-it’s so much fun to play with colors and shades and NS almost like a blank canvas. It gives you more freedom to change the sculpt, to show details of skin. But then yes, these details can be “eaten” by the harsh studio light.
    I know how much you like realistic faceups but if you want NS doll look good on the picture the colors need to be a little bit brighter in real life, shades around the eyes and nose deeper.
    I’m very eager to see new Rosy!
    And to the remark about me sewing- I can sew, but I don’t enjoy it as much as knitting or doing faceups. I’ll make more outfits for my Supia Ariel(something in the beginning of the last century style)but I’d like to see her (or maybe another Supia girl-I’m planning on getting other heads from this company) in some more elaborate historical outfits(Victorian, Edwardian…). You are planning to sew historical outfits on professional level, but I can’t see myself going into troubles of making the pattern(my less then less favorite part in sewing only one outfit. So I hope you can make some for my girl, he-he… (I’m very impressed with your Jane Eyre project outfit-so much research and work!)

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