Gwendolen in yellow

I have finally got around to taking proper photos of my precious Gwendolen in this yellow dress that I crocheted a few years ago! I love how it suits her. I got the idea for this dress in one of the books about crocheting for girls (though the one I saw was dark blue and had a much simpler pattern of the main body of the dress). This dress took me quite a long time to finish, so I would never consider making it again, but I love it. It closes on the shoulders with buttons.

When I had my doll shop, I took Gwendolen as a model to various fairs, and quite a few people asked me if I would sell this dress. But I wanted it for myself, of course.





10 thoughts on “Gwendolen in yellow

  1. The yellow dress looks perfect on Gwendolen, it really suits her colouring as she looks like she has such a sunny disposition! Very pretty!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Alice, thank you very much! It took me a month or so – on and off – as far as I remember! Not one of my fastest projects! You can learn how to make something similar, too. Would you like to? It’s not hard, it just takes time!

  2. That’s a really gorgeous dress and it suits Gwendolen very well. Beautiful, and I understand you wouldn’t want to sell it.

  3. Это узнаваемое платье уже часть истории твоих кукольных нарядов, Олечка!!! Конечно оно должно остаться и если захочется, то можно будет всегда скопировать)))

    1. Леночка, спасибо большое! Вот уж точно ты заметила – это платье уже и правда история! Очень его люблю.

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