Meet Evelyn!

Meet my new American Girl doll! Ever since I saw her a few years ago, I had been thinking about her and in the end I couldn’t resist. She is My American Girl #27. I just love the combination of her dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes!

My daughters has an argument about naming her. My eldest wanted to call her Claire which I think suits her really well, while my other daughter insisted on giving the doll her own name. I had to give in, so this doll’s name is Evelyn. And since she is Evelyn, I decided to show her on my daughter’s birthday – that is, today!

I made this dress using a Lisianthus dress pattern by Melody Valerie Couture. I loved how easy this dress was to make! And what a beautiful result! I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter though. For one thing, I thought finishing the armscyes with bindings was unnecessarily complicated. I just sewed them the usual way – at the same time as doing the dress’s neck. Also, I changed the way the skirt is sewn at the back (now no raw edges are showing!). The dress closes at the back with a zipper.





The inside of the dress at the back. No raw edges!


10 thoughts on “Meet Evelyn!

  1. Ух, какое платье! Невероятно нарядное и аккуратное!
    Сама Эвелин чудесна)) Действительно, сочетание цвета глаз и оттенка волос делает ее особенной.

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Просто пищу и от этой девочки, и от ее платья. Сейчас занимаюсь тем, что подгоняю эту выкройку на некоторых других кукол.

  2. Оля, я тоже люблю шить так, чтобы не было никаких видимых краёв.
    Поэтому мне твой пошив и само это платье очень нравятся.

    1. Лариса, спасибо большое! Рада, что тебе нравится. Тоже люблю края по максимуму скрывать за подкладкой.

    1. Melangell, thank you so much! No matter how many AG dolls we have I couldn’t resist her (and Grace is coming to us, too!!). These dolls are almost just as addictive as AGAT dolls, don’t you think?

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