Lydia in Hong Kong. Frozen madness

The final part of Lydia’s trip to Hong Kong! Not so much of Lydia here. I just wanted to show the Frozen madness in Disneyland. My children and I are also big fans of Frozen (who is not!). So, it was very exciting to see so many things related to the cartoon!


Photoshoot with Elsa and Anna. (No, we didn’t do it! The queue was too long!)


Disneyland shops were selling a lot of Frozen items of all kind!


We ended up buying a t-shirt in the middle for my 7-year-old daughter in this shop.



And we left Hong Kong with 2 new dolls – one each for my two daughters! But, of course, they can’t compare with my gorgeous Lydia!!


4 thoughts on “Lydia in Hong Kong. Frozen madness

  1. I have enjoyed your photos of your trip to Hong Kong with Lydia too of course! Most enjoyable. I really love Disney, as I’ve said before I’m sure, so it was great to see the Hong Kong one…..would you believe it though, I’ve NEVER seen the film Frozen! I did put it on the tv at Christmas 2013 but something happened and I never got to watch more than the start….I’ve been meaning to watch it ever since, I will one of these days!
    Keep the photos coming, please, they are most enjoyable!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I am glad I have managed to show you Hong Kong Disneyland! And you must, must, MUST watch Frozen!! It’s the best cartoon I have ever seen. And it is my favourite. Everything in it is just perfect – the music, the scenery, the characters! And lots of snow, which I love so much!! (You know, I don’t think I would complain if Elsa froze Singapore!! I would be happy to never see the tropics again! But I know you don’t like it when it’s cold!

  2. What a wonderful trip!
    And it’s amazing how good Lydia looks in modern clothing. It suits her really well and I bet she had a lot of fun. 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! We indeed had a wonderful trip! I love the contemporary outfits on Lydia so much, that she is still standing in my house wearing this blue coat! I just don’t want to take it off her!!

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