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It is that time of year… No, not Christmas! Not yet, anyway. It is that time of year when a new A Girl for All Time doll is usually released! This year is no different and I have the greatest pleasure of introducing the newest addition to the A Girl for All Time family – a beautiful doll called Sam.

For those, who haven’t discovered these gorgeous dolls yet, I will remind that these are British dolls. Each doll represents a particular period in English history. And that’s the beauty of it: this company really encourages intelligent play, as these dolls are both beautiful and educational. They also particularly appeal to older girls (and adults, too, of course!), because they are not 9-year-olds like, say, American Girl dolls, but are older themselves, being 12-13 years of age in the beginning of their stories. There are currently 5 dolls in the line: MatildaAmeliaClementine, Lydia and now also Sam. Matilda is a 13-year-old Tudor girl from 1540, Amelia is a 12-year-old Victorian girl from 1880, Clementine is a 12-year-old girl from the 1940s (WWII), Lydia is a 12-year-old Georgian girl from 1760. What about Sam? Well, we’ll talk about her a bit later!

Each doll comes with her own story. At the moment there are 3 books available which tell stories of Matilda, Amelia and Clementine. These books are extremely engrossing AND educational at the same time, because they don’t soften the real history. The author of the books is a well-known screen-writer Sandra Goldbacher (for example, she adapted Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes for a recent BBC film with Emma Watson – a film that my daughters love and can watch endlessly!).

By the way, in case you are interested to learn more about these dolls, I have written reviews about the first four dolls before: MatildaAmeliaClementine and Lydia.


Now, let’s look at Sam. Sam Liron is a girl from the 1960s and she is Clementine’s daughter which makes it even more interesting since we already know Clementine! She is a 13 year old girl. She was born in Paris and is obsessed with fashion. She is going to have an adventure, too, of course. She will be going to live with her uncle in New York and will be stopping in London on the way! The book is not available yet, so we will have to be patient.

Sam arrived in a gorgeous light yellow see-through box which is tastefully and elegantly decorated.




She is very safely secured inside so there is no chance she would get damaged in shipping. In fact, she is so well secured in the box, that a child might need an adult’s help to free her from there!




An extract from Sam’s book (as it seems) which is revealed once the doll is out of the box.


And here are the first photos of my beautiful Sam!


Just like the other girls in the A Girl for All Time family, Sam is 16 inch / 41 cm tall and has jointed elbows and knees which help her pose more naturally. Her arms can turn around for more natural poses and can bend at about 90 degrees – she can cover her face and eyes with her hands, for example. The knee joints don’t bend that much but legs can also be turned around, so the doll looks pretty natural when she sits. And with such bendy knees she can balance pretty well on almost one leg.


Sam has gorgeous deep brown eyes that always stay open (that is, they do not close). I also love Sam’s vinyl. It has a porcelain look, a velvety feel and the colour is lovely!



All A Girl for All Time dolls have high quality wigs. Sam is no exception. Her hair is on the shorter side (though not as short as Clem’s). It is soft, silky and quite thick. And also has a slight curl on the ends. So, one can do simple hairstyles with it.



The dress is made from a thin jeans fabric in a traditional 1960s style. The pattern for it was created by Shari Fuller of Thimbles and Acorns who is famous for creating gorgeous authentic patterns for historical doll outfits. I have been admiring her work for a long time and have used her wonderful patterns myself (which I would highly recommend!!). The dress closes at the back with 2 snaps. There is no vest or shift underneath the dress.



Other parts of the outfit include orange panties, orange mesh tights, orange hairband and gorgeous yellow shoes. Here is a close-up of the shoes. I haven’t seen prettier dolls shoes before! And the quality of these shoes is impeccable.


Sam wearing the original hairband.



Some more photos of Sam which I took some time later in my photostudio. Only now have I noticed that I forgot to change her tights back to the orange ones!! But I think this outfit looks great with white tights, too!





Mother and daughter together. Somehow Sam does look younger than Clem! And she also does look like Clem’s daughter.



Sam with Amelia. These two may look very similar, but I assure you, they have two different molds!


And, finally, all A Girl for All Time dolls available to date – Matilda, Lydia, Amelia, Clementine and Sam.


I have also received both outfits for Sam, patterns for which were created by Eve Coleman of Keeper Dolly Duds who creates outstanding outfits for American Girls and A Girl for All Time and also makes intricate historical patterns for these dolls (which I also love and highly recommend!). I just love the orange set!! I will show these outfits in more details in my next post. For the moment, just a sneak peek.



So, just like her predecessors, Sam is gorgeous and extremely well made. Her outfits are beautiful and have an authentic 1960s feel about them. This doll is a treat for both girls and adult collectors! Yet another success for A Girl for All Time creators and Frances in particular!! WELL DONE!!

PS. These dolls can be easily purchased from either the UK shop or the US one. International delivery is available from the UK and is very efficient. The company also has a Facebook page. And there is a Facebook Fan Group, too (everyone is most welcome!).

6 thoughts on “Sam – A Girl for All Time

  1. Sam is great, thank you for the review. I’ve been waiting for her release and must say I’m not disappointed, she looks lovely.
    I am very tempted by one of these girls, so maybe next year one will join my dolly clan here in Spain!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Oh, you should definitely try one of these girls!! They are truly lovely and, by the way, will fit wonderfully with all your Sasha dolls!! They are similar in size (same height but slightly slimmer).

  2. I had thought that Amelia and Sam were the same face mould but I can see some differences in your photos which is very interesting. Now, I’m wondering if the Sam face is a digitally altered version of the Amelia mould because they are so similar in some areas. Do you know Olga? Great review – really enjoyed it, in particular because your photos are exceptional and there are so many of them.

    1. Thank you so much, Maxine! Well, Sam is Amelia’s great-granddaughter, so it’s not surprising they look similar! I can ask about Sam’s mold if you’d like.

  3. I love your gorgeous photos of your dolls and admire your beautiful creations for them. You’re so very talented! They’re fabulous! I have to ask, though, how is Sam’s face mould different from Amelia’s? I can put photos of both in Photoshop taken from the same angle and placed over each other and they are the exact same. However, I do not own either doll so I cannot make the comparisons in real life. I would love to hear what is different! Also, I believe (from Clem’s book) that Amelia was Clementine’s great aunt and had no children so the trunk passed to her sister’s granddaughter (Clem).

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments, Becca!

      Yes, Sam and Amelia have different faces. They are similar and have a family resemblance but they are certainly different. Their lips are difference if you look closely. Also, the general shape of their faces is not exactly the same. I hope this helps.

      I am not sure about Clem’s inheritance as I still haven’t had time to read her book!! I really must do it soon!!

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