Lizzy Bennet in Bath

Nearly three weeks ago we had a lovely holiday break in Bath. I love this city. This was my second visit there and we were very lucky with the weather and the fact that we stayed in the centre of the city, making it easier to walk around.

Obviously, my Lizzy Bennet – in full Regency outfit – was traveling with me. Look HERE for the details of the outfit.

This is, perhaps, the most famous view of Bath. River Avon and Pulteney Bridge.




Walking on, here is the Bath Abbey.




The Roman Baths are located right next to the Bath Abbey.








The Circus. An example of Georgian architecture in Bath. It was built in 1754-1768 and it is is a circular space surrounded by 3 segments of large townhouses.



Royal Crescent. It  is a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent. it was built in 1767-1774.



No.1 Royal Crescent is a very interesting museum. It has fully decorated rooms as they would have been in the Georgian times – both upstairs and downstairs – and it gives a real historical insight. I will show some of the photos from that house in another article.



Paradise in Bath – the Fashion Museum!!! It is house in the former Assembly Rooms where balls were taking place. The museum has a fabulous collection of historical dresses. I will show them in a separate article.



Assembly Rooms inside the Fashion Museum. Lizzy would have been very welcome there.





Strolling to Jane Austen’s Centre.


Unfortunately, we were just 15 minutes late for it so they wouldn’t let us in (I had been there before but hardly remember it). But at least Lizzy had a chance to have a photo taken of her and Jane Austen.


And she also found her Mr Darcy there!


This is a house where Jane Austen stayed for a while while she was in Bath.


And this was our hotel on Great Pulteney Street, complete with a Georgian carriage next to the front door.



Great Pulteney Street was used as a location for the recent films – The Vanity Fair and The Duchess. I haven’t seen either of them yet but they are in my plans (even despite Keira Knightley being in the latter.).




Pultney Bridge again.



One of the buildings on Pulteney Bridge had a bricked up window painted like a window in an old book shop.


Some other random places in Bath.





Pultney Bridge and River Avon at night.



Oh, and we stumbled across with this fabric shop. Luckily, it was closed but there were some pretty fabrics in its window.



15 thoughts on “Lizzy Bennet in Bath

  1. A lovely post, I really enjoyed my visit to Bath, but it was some time ago now. I think it’s a very pretty city.
    I loved the Chihuahua cushion in the window of the fabric shop, very cute!
    Your Lizzie is obviously very much at home in this environment.
    Hugs Sharon

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I agree, it’s a beautiful city. My previous visit there was 15 years ago and I was very keen to return. It was my idea to go there this time!

      Oh, I didn’t even notice those cushions. I am not a dog lover, I am afraid. What attracted our attention is the fabric with owls on it!! We notice owls everywhere, even on the Pultney Bridge, on one of the windows!!

  2. thank you for giving us this trip through your eyes, I love that period with Lizzie and Darcy. happy dolling Julie 🙂

    1. Thank you, Julie! Oh, I love visiting historical places and even more – taking dolls there with me. Next trip will be to Cornwall – Poldark country!!

  3. Оля, огромное спасибо за чудесную фотоэкскурсию! Бат – очень, очень красивый город)))Мост и река вечером – чистое Средневековье по атмосфере.
    Лиззи прекрасно смотрится как вместе со своей литературной мамой, так и рядом с мистером Дарси;)
    Какие очаровательные пуговки на ее спенсере)))

    1. Лара, спасибо! Я просто обожаю Бат, в нем такая чудесная атмосфера. Я бы не прочь была бы там жить.

      Ох, эти пуговки… Как я их тканью оборачивала…

  4. Результат (очаровательные пуговки) однозначно стоил потраченных усилий!

    P.S. Оля, поздравляю с днем рождения! Здоровья тебе, радости, новых швейных свершений и интересных путешествий

  5. Оленька, привет! Поздравляю тебя с прошедшим Днем рождения и желаю много-много счастья и творческих успехов! (Прости, что с опозданием, я уверена была, что он у тебя 27-го числа, а оказывается, ошиблась)
    Фотосессия в Бате – чудо! Очень интересно посмотреть на город, который такую большую роль играет в мире Джейн Остен. Лиззи и Дарси – очаровательная фотография Я в восторге от образа, который ты создала для своей девочки. Браво!

    1. Оленька, привет!! Спасибо огромное за поздравление!! да, у меня 21-го, в самый длинный день года!

      Спасибо большое за комплимент Лиззи. Надеюсь, ты когда-нибудь сможешь побывать в Бате. Не надумала еще сюда приехать?

  6. I’ve just found Swish and Swirl, and I’m addicted. I can’t stop until I see every page! Your work and photography are enchanting and marvelous. I love all of the dolls you’ve chosen here; many of them are favorites of mine, too. Every new page, I find myself saying, “AAAUUGH, JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!”

    1. A very warm welcome, Gabrielle!! Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate it! I hope to see you here again.

  7. Lovely doll, wonderful outfit and beautiful sights – it’s a great overload I adore all the photos, such a lovely place!

    1. Thank you, Somarie! Oh yes, Bath is one of my favourite places in the UK!! It is stunningly beautiful. AND it has a Fashion Museum!! Just a paradise here!

  8. Bath is my home city, attending the Jane Austen festival with my 11yr old daughter for the first time in September…just planing my dressmaking at the moment as you attend in full regency dress, and hoping to make Amelia (GFAT) a mini regency outfit too.

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