Кастомная Трис

За последний год я решилась на кастомизирование многих моих кукол. И первыми «жертвами» стали куклы Bonnie and Pearl. Мне нравятся эти куклы, но не нравятся их голубые глаза, отражающие свет как кошки. Поэтому я решила заменить их «спящие» глаза на фиксированные стеклянные. Сделать это было довольно легко — надо было просто открыть голову под париком.

Итак, вот первая из них — Трис — до и после.

Вот такой она была изначально (это Беатрис).


Как видите, ее глаза сильно отражали свет.


Я решила поставить ей зеленые глаза вместо голубых. Получилось намного лучше, не правда ли?

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      1. Hi Olga, yes I still have my Claudia, I really like her a lot with her glass eyes. I don’t change her outfits much because I really like her in her orange outfit from Bonnie and Pearl (and I’m not really into orange clothes!!!) but it suits her so well. I think these dolls are very nice and even more so with their new eyes!!!

        1. Yes, Sharon, I agree with you. These dolls are very nice, but are much better with fixed eyes. I love orange. I guess, that’s because my children love all those colours (yellow, orange, green) that I’ve started liking them, too. They are very happy colours! (I famously can’t stand pink!! my kids don’t like it either!)

        1. I am glad to be of help! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif The eyelashes are from one of the numerous BJD companies, can’t remember which one as it was a long time ago that bought those (for my BJDs). Will try to find which one it was and will let you know. Otherwise, any BJD company would be OK. Like Dollmore, for example. I used PVA glue for glueing them in.

  1. I have had my three Bonnie and Pearl Dolls just a few weeks. I just love them as they are, including their eyes. However, I think you have done a great job on Beatrice. I do not have the skill set to do that, even if I wanted to.
    I am amazed at the quality of their clothes and am so glad I went ahead when they had the 20% off sale and bought my girls and most of the wardrobe.!

  2. Hi Olga,
    I have Beatrice, Charlotte and Bonnie.They are utterly gorgeous in my eyes. The postage from the UK was horrific for all I bought,( three dolls and almost the entire wardrobe) but was so worth it.I live in Canada.
    I do so enjoy your blog and have learned so much from you. Thank you ! I hope my sewing becomes as good as yours is some day! Luckily my dolls do not complain!
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Laurainne! I really appreciate it. Yes, international shipping can be very expensive. For me, it’s very expensive to buy things from the US — because of the customs tax! I also have Charlotte, with the original eyes. Bonnie has new blue eyes, I believe. Haven’t seen her in person, but I think they are darker and do not quite reflect light?

      1. Hi Olga,
        I was just dressing my Beatrice and noticed how dark her eyes are and That they did not reflect the light at all. Just wondering whether the eyes have been changed.
        Have a lovely day!

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