Lydia in Hong Kong. Disneyland

So, Hong Kong Disneyland! We spent 2 full days there (well, at the least the children enjoyed themselves!), but Lydia went there only on the first day.




Opera House on the square next to the entrance. We didn’t go inside.


A magnificent Christmas tree on the same square!


The main street.


Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Grizzly Gulch – an abandoned mining town.



Mystic Manor – home of Lord Henry Mystic, a world traveler and adventurer, and his mischievous monkey, Albert.


Disneyland entrance in the evening.


6 thoughts on “Lydia in Hong Kong. Disneyland

  1. Оля, спасибо за прекрасные фото. Очень интересно. Я возила детей в парижский Диснейлэнд, но в Гонконгском не была. Оказывается они очень похожи! Думаю, дети были в восторге. Там удивительная атмосфера! Мне очень нравится пальто на Лидии, ей очень к лицу этот оттенок синего. Ты шила сама? Выглядит как фабричное.

    1. Света, спасибо большое! В Парижском Диснейленде я тоже была, давно-давно, в 1997 году. И да, они очень похожи, очень многие аттракционы те же самые. Дети были в восторге. Нам было скучновато.

      Пальто на Лидии, как и все остальные наряды и сумки Лидии в Гонконге, шила я. Из покупного на ней только ботинки.

  2. Lovely photos, I am a big Disney fan, I have to admit! I have spent many a happy time at Disneyworld in Florida and would go again tomorrow in a flash!
    Love your photos of Lydia visiting Hong Kong Disney, I hope she enjoyed herself 😉
    And glad to hear that your kids did too 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thank you, Sharon! And I’ve been to Paris Disneyland in 1997! All these Disney parks are pretty similar! (We have a Universal Studios theme park in Singapore and a Legoland across the border in Malaysia – a lot to see even here!)

  3. Hi Olga. I visited Disneyland only one time. I was also in Paris, and it was probably in 1993, so about the time you’ve been there. I absolutely loved it and spent two days there (2-days passport), each day from the opening until dusk. The roller coaster at night with view on Paris lights was great.
    Your photos of dolls are amazing:).

    1. Hi Iwona, great to see you here! Yes, Paris Disneyland must have been pretty much the same in the 90s! It was great fun then. And thank you for the compliments to my photos! I do really appreciate it!

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