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In case you have been wondering why I have been quiet recently… I have very exciting news! I am currently working on my first PDF patterns!! I seem to have won the battle with the software and now my first pattern – which will be a summer dress for A Girl for All Time – is going to be released soon. I will keep you updated!

Here is what it looks like now while I am still playing with the design. The main photos will change (I will take new ones once I’ve finished making the outfits for the tutorial) and the final design may be different but this is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

What patterns would you like me to make? I have plans for a few Tudor patterns, including the undergarments (I already have the Spanish farthingale in the works!), some Elizabethan and 18th century outfits for A Girl for All Time dolls as well as some modern designs for AGAT, Kidz’n’Cats, Maru and friends, Carpatina and, quite possible, some other dolls. If you have any particular wishes, please let me know!! I am planning to sell my patterns in my Etsy shop, but I will also have links to them here.


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  1. Greetings!
    I have been following your website for a while now! I am so excited you are making patterns – I am very interested in and hopeful that you will make patterns for EID dolls – especially for the Outlander characters’ outfits – Jamie’s shirt, waistcoat, and development of others, as well as Claire’s shift and hopefully her gowns.I used your instructions to make a shirt and kilt for my EID Jamie, who is an Iplehouse Dexter.
    I also have a Benedict Cumberbatch sculpted doll from Natrume/Modoll – he is wonderful –
    Thanks for asking for suggestions!
    Very Sincerely,
    Patti in Virginia, US

    1. Thank you so much, Patti!! I’ve been toying with the idea of making patterns for quite a while but have only recently managed to find time and got motivated enough to start learning about the relevant software. Hmm, I might consider making patterns for Iplehouse BJDs. The problem is all the different sizes of the bust that Iplehouse ladies have.

      So, let’s do a check. I have EID Carina with medium bust (Claire Fraser), EID Leonard on the superhero body (Jamie), EID Dexter on the model body (Mr Thornton) and EID Arvid on the old super hero body (Mr Rochester), SID Felix, SID Aria with the small bust, YID Audrey with medium bust and YID Emilia with the small bust. What bodies and bust sizes do your Outlander characters have?

      Does your Benedict have a body? The sculpt is awesome, isn’t it!

      1. Hi,
        Sorry have not gotten back- been in NYC visiting my daughter – for Iplehouse dolls I have a Rebecca EID with medium bust (my Claire), Carina EID with medium bust, Zera SID with medium bust, both EID Lawrence and EID Dexter(my Jamie – Iplehouse custom painted his face based on a picture of Sam Heughan I sent – he is wonderful) are super hero bodies, I have Victor on EID Model body, I have an SID Edan (Carved Heritage) with his only body choice. Benedict is on a body I got from ebay (dollzone 70 mm) that I am not really thrilled about and I am still looking for another body – I also have a JID Owen, a JID Cecile, a KID Milly (who is a little boy), and a BID Anne ( a little girl). I also have a Peakswoods MSD, a Dollstown 7 year, a Kaye Wiggs Lillie, and a Fairyland PukiPuki, and PukiFee – whew! – Oh and an Elfdoll Soah – she was my first BJD – had her several years – However – the ones I am really looking for patterns for would be EID superhero and Medium bust – for ‘Jamie and Claire’ – Your Benedict is on an EID body correct? But I look forward to whatever patterns you might make for any of these dolls! I cannot wait for whenever you have time to complete Claire’s wedding gown – I love what you did with the embroidered panel for the bodice of the dress!
        Patti K

        1. Hi Patti, my turn to be slow at replying!!

          Well, it’s excellent that your Claire and Jamie have exactly the same bodies as mine!! That will make it easier to make patterns that actually fit!

          I have a BID Anne and Byuri. Would you be interested in patterns for them? For my KID I am not planning anything but 1830s styles but can make patterns if there is demand.

          I don’t have any Kaye Wiggs or Fairyland dolls anymore – and am very glad, actually.

          My Ben is on a Dollstown 18 years body. The skin match is pretty good but my friend had to trim the neck to fit the head. I still think Iplehouse body was probably the best fit! Anyway, he is just lying naked in my doll cabinet, hidden from view, because I simply haven’t got around to making him any clothes yet!

          1. Hi!
            I do have a BID and a KID as well-would love to see patterns for them-Boy and/or girl!
            Patti Kernodle

  2. Hi again,
    Just in case you wanted to know I am also a huge Outlander Fan, reading the books for 20 years, have read over and over again. My Claire is an EID Rebecca, I also have Roger – EID Lawrence Doll Choice, and Briana who is an SID Zera – they all need clothes!
    Although the TV series a little different from the books, still love it, especially with the outstanding casting!
    Patti K

    1. Yes, I LOVE Outlander!! I may be a bit unhappy about certain aspects of the screen version (it could be… hmm… less graphic!) I absolutely adore the characters and their costumes!! The cast is just AMAZING!!

  3. That is a very nice new ! I Can’t wait to see your patterns. Do you think they will fit the Gotz dolls ? And or the Zwergnasse dolls of 50cm ?

    I will be also very interested in patterns foŕ Little Darling Effner dolls.

    It is always a pleasure to follow your website. Bravo!
    Friendly. Sophie

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie!! Patterns for A Girl Time will not fit Gotz dolls – Gotz dolls are much larger. However, I might consider making some for Gotz dolls in the future. I don’t have any Zwergnase playdolls but I’ve heard they can wear clothes from Gotz dolls.

      I am afraid I don’t have Little Darling dolls anymore and I am not planning to get a new one. I used to have one but I sold her about a year ago.

  4. Irish patterns such as the Leine shirt and chemise with Irish overdress and Scottish patterns like Outlander season 1 and Medieval would be really appreciated!

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Kim! What kind of dolls do you have in mind for these outfits? I know nothing about Irish dresses so I’d have to study the topic first. The Scottish and Medieval ones are in my plans. But please let me know what dolls you ywould like them for.

  5. This is fabulous news!! I am so glad! I would love something for my Katja – KnC doll that goes with the AGAT dolls. An elegant gown made of brocade. I love everything you make. And, I would like an outfit for my Alister, a KnC doll, that goes with the elegant gown. He won’t be rugged and daring, but it will help him look the part to have the proper outfits 🙂 It would be wonderful to have more casual outfits for the pair too. I know that elegant outfits were not the everyday garments of the time. Scottish sounds wonderful. This isn’t specific because your imagination in history and historical fiction leaves me in the dust in comparison. I have zero knowledge. Hats and shoes work for me too – undergarments for sure. Cloaks to finish off things. If you design it, we will buy it 🙂

    1. Thank you, Darlene! Yes, I am definitely planning outfits for Kidz, though probably not historical as I am not sure there is a market for them. People tend to dress their Kidz in modern clothes. Though I do have plans for a Tudor outfit for my Mike. Is your Alister and old smaller boy or a larger new one?

  6. The Parisienne dress is stunning – looking forward to the pattern! and close-ups.

    It will be so exciting to see all the designs you come up with – congratulations on mastering the software!

    I have AGAT dolls, and KnC dolls, and one that is no longer made, but is close to AG, but with a larger bottom. I hope to get a Maru doll. Maya and Nisha are on the way 🙂 Your collection inspires me to expand!

    1. Thank you again, Darlene! Yes, the first pattern is ready and is with my consultants / testers right now. It will be out soon! So, what kind of Kidz do you have – the older smaller ones or the more recent one that have a larger body?

  7. Hello,
    I would like patterns for KNC and Maru dolls. We do not find that in Europe.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. So excited for new patterns. I sew exclusively for American Girl owners. I know there are lots of AG patterns out there already, but please don’t forget us in an effort to assure coverage of other dollies. I particularly love Outlander as mentioned above, but also the historicals, Scottish, and medievals. Best of luck with new pattern venture. They look just perfect!! Can’t wait.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I am toying with the idea of making pattern for AG. My two concerns are: there are indeed a lot of patterns for them already and the body sizes frighten me. I only have modern dolls. I have one Felicity from Pleasant Company (I believe) but I haven’t sewn anything for her yet so am not sure about her body size. All my other AG dolls are the most recent ones. I believe they have slightly slimmer bodies? Anyway, I will consider AG, too!

    1. Hi Sonja, no, I don’t have any patterns for Iplehouse SID girls. My own SID is still naked!! But I will consider making some of those in the future.

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