Новый парик Настеньки

Первая кукла моей дочки — Настенька (Эмма от компании Карпатина) — наконец-то получила новый парик. Ее оригинальный парик был практически полностью испорчен от активной игры моей дочки с этой куклой. Мы сняли старый парик и приклеили новый.

Неожиданно для меня, дочка вдруг решила переименовать куклу. Теперь она у нас не Настенька, а Фелисити!

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  1. У Анастасии прекрасный новый парик, смотрится очень естественно. Платье тоже замечательное… как и фон! Алиса с ней играет? А почему она переименовала ее в Фелисити?

  2. Инна, спасибо! Платье родное, от Карпатины. Елизаветинское. 🙂 Алиса с ней играет, да. А переименовала, потому что считает, что та похожа на Американ Герл Фелисити. Ей хочется ту куклу, потому что Фелисити была большой любительницей лошадей, как и Алиса (насмотрелась фильмов АГ!). 🙂 Так что Настенькой теперь будет моя Эмма, которая до этого так и оставалась Эммой. Тоже покажу ее скоро. И обеих вместе.

  3. Красивый парик! Нежные волны и естественный оттенок)) Поздравляю милую барышню с новой прической и новым именем!

  4. Hi There Gwendolen!

    I just purchased a used Emma doll, and will be giving her a new brown wig. I was so excited to see how beautiful she looks as a brunette! Thanks so much! I also agree with you about Emma and Isabella being prettier than Erin and Zoe.

    It is so nice to communicate with someone from Russia. I have a son whom I adopted from Moscow when he was 32 months old (he was on a «waiting child» list due to a serious but curable medical condition involving his skull and brain), and he is almost 17 years old now. What a blessing he is to our family! Prior to the adoption, I learned to pronounce and speak about 80 common, simple, helpful phrases in Russian before my trip to pick him up. I practiced so hard that I was told I had no accent. :). Also, I studied Russian customs and then made myself a week’s worth of long wool skirts to wear so that I would show respect for the country that was giving me such a precious gift. I was treated like a native, which was so special to me. Apparently, it is quite common, unfortunately, for Americans to expect to be completely accommodated when they go to adopt, and little respect is shown for the child’s native country. When I met my little son for the first time, I was sitting in the orphanage director’s office. He walked in very shyly carrying a little drawing he had made for me. The drawing was of a sun with rays shining out from it. I said to him in Russian «You are my sunshine». He smiled shyly, and the orphanage director was shocked and very touched. Then a little teary-eyed, she explained that Americans often do not show much respect for the child’s native language or customs. Just memorizing those 80 phrases, learning common customs, and changing my wardrobe, did so much towards helping me to bond with my new son, and to have a wonderful experience with the lovely people of beautiful Russia.

    Thank you for your terrific blog. I really have enjoyed it!

    Very Sincerely,


    1. Hi Dee, It is so lovely to hear from you! I am very touched by your experience of adopting your son from Russia. It is very moving, I nearly cried when I read your story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

      And congratulations on getting Emma. She is my favourite of Carpatina dolls. And I would be very interested to see yours!!

      Please feel free to write in my blog whenever you feel like it, I will be very happy to see you here! And I do love chatting with people! Hope to talk to you again soon.

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