My first Kish doll

For a long time I didn’t like dolls with painted eyes. To me, they just didn’t look “real” enough. I preferred dolls with inset eyes and applied eyelashes. For quite a while I looked at dolls made by a famous artist Helen Kish… And I didn’t like them well enough to be tempted into buying at least one! But then suddenly my attitude changed and I saw Kish dolls in a new light: beautifully sculptured, very life-like, absolutely gorgeous dolls!! And I bought one of them…

And I haven’t regretted for a second that I did it.

This is a doll called Cheeky Raven, 2008, she is from a limited edition of 500. She is fully vinyl and is ball-jointed, which makes her very poseable. She is 35 cm (14 inches) tall. Her hair is a mohair wig.

I named her Rafaella.

I bought her on ebay and she came to me nude, so while waiting for her I used a pattern from MHD Designs to make a dress for her. The pattern is perfect (thank you, Magalie!) and the dress fitted Rafaella beautifully.

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6 thoughts on “My first Kish doll

  1. Такие малышки естественно выглядят именно с нарисованными глазами

  2. Да, это правда. Я видела кукол Киш со вставными глазами – не понравилось. Очарование было утеряно.

  3. I’m looking for a doll called Christy, she’s 28 inches tall. I need to know the value of this doll.


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