His Royal Majesty Severus the First

This doll was one of the three dolls I was desperate to find. Professor Severus Snape, 2008, LE1500, 19″ tall.


He was and is a very sought after doll, due to the popularity of this character, Harry Potter films and especially Alan Rickman himself. I love Severus Snape because he was played by Alan Rickman, an actor I had been admiring long before the first Harry Potter film came out. I missed and lost a few Snape dolls on Ebay before I finally managed to win this one (my computer crashed 5 minutes before the end of the auction, but I was lucky to have been able to restart it on time!). He arrived from the UK, nude and with a crack in his right arm. I didn’t care for either: the crack was easily fixed with a few drops of Super-glue and the outfit… Well, I had other plans for it anyway…

For MY Severus has nothing to do with Harry Potter. His full name is Severus Lang HaraldKing of Northern Lands. Or, in short, His Royal Majesty Severus the First. He lives in the 15th century. He has a beautiful wife whom he loves dearly. Her name is, of course, Lily (or Her Majesty Queen Liliana Bianca, which would be more appropriate). And they have 4 children: Richard, Maria, and twins Beatrice and Clarice…

But today is Severus’s day! He finally got his full royal outfit. It took me too long to make it (about 6 months!!), but at last it’s done. And here it is.


It is a period outfit from around 1420. It consists of a doublet and hosen, a houppelande, a head dress, leather shoes with pointed toes, a belt and a chain of office. I decided not to make his undershirt for the moment as it is not visible anyway, and also it wouldn’t comfortably fit into the doublet’s narrow sleeves without adding extra bulk.



All items were made using original patterns from the Middle Ages. The doublet and the hosen are made of 100% woolen fabric, the houppelande is made of a heavy brocade fabric and fully lined with brown velvet (it is supposed to be fur in this scale). The pointed shoes are made of leather and are closed at the inner side with laces. The doublet has 24 non-functional buttons and 7 snaps on the front and 10 buttons and 3 snaps on each sleeve.




Enjoy the photos – there are a lot of them!

17 thoughts on “His Royal Majesty Severus the First

  1. Love Snape’s gorgeous ensemble! Such beauty and perfection, and all this attention to details! Can only imagine how much research and work it took!

  2. Да, это удивительный шедевр! Настоящий король! Одежда впечатляет! Особенно рукава!

  3. Оля, зашла и упала!!! Я в таком восторге!!! Костюм богатейший… Упленд феноменальнейший. Такая точность в деталях. Бархат смотрится изумительно , как самый настоящий дорогой мех. Ещё и дублет, и рейтузы, и цепь. Ты ещё и обувь сама шьешь. Северус самый настоящий король, полный монаршего достоинства. Вот это да… Шедеврррр…

  4. Оля все просто супер! Слов нет – сплошное любование и ахи!!!

  5. Восторг и восхищение!!! Браво, мастер-золотые руки!!!

  6. Света, спасибо большое! Да, изучение этого периода заняло много времени – было проштудировано несколько толстых томов по истории средневековых нарядов и т.п.

    Александр, спасибо большое!!

    Таня, спасибо огромное!!Мне очень приятно!

    Оля, спасибо большое!!

    Лена, спасибо большое!!

  7. Wow, what a wonderful project making his royal outfit – I’m not surprised it took so long. I’m planning an elaborate outfit for a Sasha doll which is also a period piece, but a bit later in date, I hope I can do even half as good a job as you’ve done of this one.

  8. Оля, какая же красота в результате получилась. Я хоть и видела частично некоторые детали, но все-равно увидев это просто замерла от восторга! Твоя работа вызывает восхищение твоим мастерством!

  9. DollMum, thank you very much! I am glad to see you in my new blog! Warm welcome! Good luck with your project, I would be very interested to see it when you’ve finished it!

    Оля, спасибо огромное, мне очень приятно!

  10. Thank you very much, Ann! I really love this doll and I am glad he’s got this special outfit.

  11. охх…..до чего люблю куклы в средневековых костюмах!
    Ваш Северус прекрасен!
    если не секрет сколько вы заплатили за него. Сейчас он стот около 1 500 на амозоне. а покупали у частного лица?
    просто у мена дилемма покупать или нет

  12. Вера, добро пожаловать в мой блог! Спасибо большое за комплименты моему Северусу. Я покупала его на http://www.ebay.co.uk, у частного лица. Это был аукцион и я его выиграла. Я заплатила за него 210 фунтов и был он без одежды. Сейчас Снейп периодически появляется на http://www.ebay.com. И его вполне реально купить за 400-500 долларов, максимум 600. За полторы тысячи точно покупать не стоит. Желаю вам, чтоб ваш Северус вас нашел.

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