Lily’s trip to the UK. Part 7. Old Sarum

It wasn’t the best day for visiting this place, but we didn’t give up and thoroughly enjoyed it despite shivering from the cold wind. This is Old Sarum, a place where Salisbury started (Salisbury is also known as New Sarum). It is situated on a high hill. There used to be a castle on the top of the hill and an old cathedral at its bottom. A king himself used to live in the castle. After a few centuries due to various reasons (political and “physical” – it was too cold because of the strong winds and there were also problems with water supply) it was decided to move the town to the valley. And that’s where Salisbury is situated now. What is left of Old Sarum is magnificent ruins.

Having explored Old Sarum, Lily visited a pick-your-own farm where she picked my favourite red currants, went to Shaftesbury where she enjoyed the famous view of the town. In the evening we went to a pub with a gorgeous carriage.

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