Gwendolen in Russia. Part 1

Gwendolen (Hannah Rockstar, Gotz doll) was another doll that was waiting for me in Russia. She was actually one of the very first dolls in my collection but it happened so that I sent her to Russia to enjoy her during my holiday there. It took her 3 MONTHS to arrive from the UK but she made it  home eventually!

I sent a couple of outfits that I’d made to Russia in advance. One of them was a blue polka dot dress. I have also made a pattern for it, so I will eventually post it here, too!

4 thoughts on “Gwendolen in Russia. Part 1

  1. Оля, тебе фирма Гётц должна доплачивать за хорошую рекламу их кукол 😀 Я даже не глядела на рок звезду в магазине. И стояли они там дольше всех. А, оказывается, очень красивая девочка

  2. She’s lovely! I was not drawn to the Rock Star but I now realize that this is because the manufactured outfit that she comes in is not suitable for a little girl. Once you dressed her in clothes that are more suitable for her young look, she is transformed. It makes me sad to see little girls dressed in adult style clothing – childhood is short enough – and that applies to my doll children too!
    Are her eyes actually grey, or is she like my brother? His eyes seem to change between blue and grey, depending on what he is wearing.
    Your photos of her amongst the flowers are enchanting. I so look forward to seeing your next post and get a little shiver of excitement when I get an email saying there is a post to read. Thank you!

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