Lark of the High Seas – Gabrielle

I can hardly believe it myself but this doll arrived to me more than a year ago!!! I wanted her very much, but she is rare and was expensive, too. So, though I was desperate to get her, I couldn’t actually buy her. And then suddenly she appeared on Ebay at a relatively reasonable price – and nude, of course. And Lark of the High Seas, Helen Kish, 2008, LE200, or a little pirate girl, as I call her, became mine! I started sewing a dress for her almost at once, but had lots of other projects running at the same time, so I kept postponing it… until I decided it’s time to finish it at last. And I did it a couple of weeks ago!

The dress is fully lined, has a full opening at the back and closes with lots of snaps. At first, I thought it would have an underskirt, but then changed my mind and simply attached a lace ruffle by hand. The pattern for the dress is by MHD Designs. It is possible I will decide to improve this dress in the future, but for the moment I like it as it is.

So, here is my Gabrielle. Looks very different from the original doll now, isn’t she! But that’s exactly how I like her!

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