IMG_2080_thumbIMG_2074_thumbI really truly never thought I would be able to have this doll as she is so rare now and can only be found on a secondary market. But dreams do come true. And I managed to find her where I never thought I would – in Moscow, Russia!! She is Topaz by Soom dolls. And I think I never wasted so many nerves on any dolls that I have – because of the customs and the post office here.

But finally she is home and she is truly worth every penny and all the nerves!! Absolutely gorgeous sculpt and body! That’s how she looked when she came out of the box. She is my 2-in-1 delight. For not only was I dreaming of having Topaz but also I wanted to have a doll on a Super Gem body. She is 65 cm tall.

I named her Lavinia.

She is going to have a new face-up and a different wig, but not until the summer holidays, so she will stay like this for a while.

3 thoughts on “Topaz

  1. Ура!!! Красавица!
    Действительно, нежная и гармоничная. И имя Лавиния ей идет. 😉
    Светлый волнистый парик хорош, но очень уж пышный, зрительно увеличивает голову. А в более темном прямоволосом парике она строже.
    В общем, ей образ будет еще искаться, как я понимаю!
    Оленька, поздравляю еще раз!

  2. One of the best monthly dolls Soom made! She has gorgeous sculpt! There is only couple “big” dolls that make me regret my decision not to buy anything bigger than MSD and Topaz is one of them. Congratulations! She is magical!

  3. Инна, спасибо большое! Образ будет искаться еще. Пока купила рыжий парик Ginger, как у Леды, Исар и Ольги. А там видно будет, подойдет или нет под задумку.

    Sviatlana, thanks a lot! You’ve found the right word – she is indeed magical!! Love her!

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