Etheldreda’s new face

My Etheldreda has recently got a new face-up by my friend Ariadne. There were 3 reasons for making a (partially) new face-up. Firstly, we decided to make the eyebrows darker, secondly, we wanted to change the eyelashes, and, thirdly, I had managed to scratch the forehead with a hairbrush, so we needed to remove those scratches. I also changed her eyes (from green 12 mm ones to grey 10 mm eyes), though I think I will get her blue 10 mm eyes soon!




5 thoughts on “Etheldreda’s new face

  1. What a great improvement! She was pretty before but now I love her even more. Her face became more expressive. She is so real! (I think she looks the same age as Lonnie now.)

  2. Thank you! Actually, She and Lonnie now really look like sisters!! Not sure about their ages but they look great together.

  3. А мне нравятся серые глазки. И размер отличный. Сейчас она выглядит нежнее, беззащитнее.

  4. Марина, мне тоже они нравятся. Размер однозначно правильный, а не 12 мм, как написано у иплов!

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