TTS uniform for dolls

On Monday the new school year is starting and here are my daughters’ American Girls dolls – Alice and McKenna – wearing the uniforms of their school. Alice is dressed in a Junior School uniform while McKenna is dressed in an Infant School dress. My friend Ariadne has been making these uniforms for our Daisy Dolls shop when we participate in the school Fairs, but only now my daughters have finally got these uniforms for their own dolls!!


The Infant School dress features the same beautiful shape of the collar as the original uniform dress. The fabric from the actual uniforms was used for the outfits.




2 thoughts on “TTS uniform for dolls

    1. Леночка, спасибо большое! Я вообще очень люблю форму нашей школы, особенно зеленую клетку – тартан – и белый воротничок уголком на платье. Жалко, что у мальчиков нет такого воротничка (у них просто рубашка из такой же клетки и темно-синие шорты).

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