I have found these photos by chance. I prepared them a long time ago but somehow forgot about them and never showed them. This was my eldest daughter’s first American Girl doll – MAG #36. She named her Charlotte. For the last 3 months Charlotte has been living with my mum and enjoying being a model for new dresses that my mum makes for my daughters’ American Girl dolls. I believe this doll is now discontinued, so she is a real gem in our collection! (The dress is made by American Girl, not me!)




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    1. Thank you! I am rather missing this Charlotte, I must say, but my daughter wanted my mum’s AG this summer so agreed to exchange them for a year and we’ll see what happens next summer! We have quite a few more AG dolls at the moment which I haven’t shown yet (some haven’t even been photographed yet!). The AG family is certainly growing fast in our house!! I have got Felicity and Kanani and my second daughter got Julie for her birthday yesterday. And yes, I am planning to buy Isabelle, because my second daughter wants her for next birthday (which is a year away, of course!). And I like the fact that now there is an option of ordering a Girl of the Year with or without pierced ears (my daughter wants pierced, of course, as both her AG dolls – McKenna and Julie – came without pierced ears).

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