Jocelyn and Jane

Recently I’ve got hooked on customized American Girl dolls. Somehow I’ve got bored with standard AG dolls and wanted something different, unique. So, I bought my first one (though I won’t show her today). And then some time later I bought two more at the same time. All of them were customized by Jodybo. And now I am so hooked that I have decided to customize most of my AG dolls myself – those will be characters from my favourite films and TV series – Poldark, Outlander, Doctor Who, Victoria, etc. Stay tuned!!

But for now I would like to introduce two of my new custom dolls – Jocelyn and Jane. Some of the outfits below (namely, scarves) are sneak peeks of the upcoming patterns!


Jane is a Truly Me #39 doll with Marie-Grace’s wig that was straightened (and the side curls were cut off).





Jocelyn is originally a Truly Me #40. Her eyes were changed (brown for blue) and her wig is from Truly Me #53. She looks so awesome that I have now sold my Kanani doll!!





6 thoughts on “Jocelyn and Jane

  1. Two lovely dolls, and I love Jane’s hair, it’s fabulous :-). I really look forward to see your own customized girls in outfits from the different shows!

  2. In making your customizations, you might want to look into Beautifully Custom doll wigs for American Girls. I am not
    affiliated with them at all, but have made many purchases. She has wigs available in any color (literally bubblegum pink if needed) and length. Her new line has hair that can be hot-rolled and curled. Super nice lady. You can find her on Facebook at Beautifully Custom Dolls. Love your blog!!

    1. Thank you, Linda. Yes, I know about those wigs and I am in her Facebook group, too. I wish these wigs weren’t so expensive though because buying them from the UK (with shipping and customs tax) would make them over $100 for one wig which is not really worth it. I might buy one or two if I can’t find anything else suitable at a lower price. Will have to see and think.

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