My second Ambriel!

Today I received an unexpected and absolutely gorgeous surprise!!! My second Ambriel by Bo Bergemann arrived at the moment when I least expected her. And she truly made my day.

So, she is Ambriel, just like my Leda or my friend’s Ambriel, but in a different skin tone. It’s really so amazing that the same face can look so different. I fell in love with the gorgeous face of Sunday at Sea Ambriel on Bo’s website and asked Bo if she could kindly create a similar beauty for me and here she is! Even though I saw photos of my Ambriel before she was sent to me, I really was stunned when I unwrapped her!! She is one of the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen and held. True beauty! Gorgeous, an absolutely gorgeous doll! Thank you so much, Bo, I couldn’t be happier with her!!!

I believe she is Spanish, that’s why I chose a brown wig her (to be honest, I am not quite pleased with this Ellowyne wig which I had in my collection, so I will be looking for a similar Monique one). I didn’t have a dress for Ambriel as I am in a process of making an elaborate crochet dress for my Leda, so for the first photos Leda had to lend Ambriel a dress that she’s been wearing. But soon, I hope, I will have two special outfits for my two very special girls!

And yes, this time the new girl gently but firmly told me that her name is indeed Ambriel!



Just out of the postal box!


9 thoughts on “My second Ambriel!

  1. Wow! She is absolutely gorgeous! Exotic beauty! Each Ambriel has so much individuality and charisma! (She makes me think of Carmen.)

  2. Оленька, поздравляю! Какая эффектная смуглянка! Да, она точно испанка… Глаза, губы, ресницы, грация… Парик… Да, думаю, с более эффектным париком она будет еще эффектнее!

  3. Bo, thank you very much! She is precious!!!

    Sviatlana, thanks a lot! Yes, I also think Carmen. And I’ve got an idea for the dress already! Spanish, of course.

    Марина, спасибо! У нас тут единодушие насчет костюма!

    Оля, спасибо большое, я очень рада, что тебе она понравилась!!

    Котя, спасибо!

    Инна, спасибо большое! Вот ты верно заметила – грация!! Все куклы Бо невероятно грациозны!! Этой Амбриэль прямо хоть сейчас встать в позицию и начать танцевать фламенко! Обожаю ее!

  4. АААА..Оля какая она красотка!!! Я уже иду по твоим следам, хочу такую же красавицу. Жду девочек в новых нарядах

  5. Оля, спасибо огромное! Если такую хочешь, у тебя еще есть шанс. Дай мне знать, я могу помочь тебе такую заказать. У Бо такая осталась всего ОДНА.

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