Autumn Ambriel

I have a very good friend Sviatlana, who has admired dolls by Bo Bergemann for a long time. She actually discovered them long before me! But only after she saw photos of my Leda did she make that last step and finally ordered her Ambriel! To say she was thrilled with her is to say nothing! Sviatlana knitted an absolutely gorgeous outfit for her Autumn Ambriel. And when I saw these pictures, they left me speechless! Her Ambriel is stunning!


So, I’ll let Sviatlana do the talking about her Ambriel. And hope you’ll enjoy the photos as much as I did!

Everybody plays differently. I’m usually quite happy having my dolls all to myself and rarely take pictures of them. So believe me, it had to be a really special doll to make me want to show her off. And Ambriel by Bo Bergemann is really special.

I found out about Bo Bergemann last year and was really taken by the unusual and beautiful sculpt of her Ambriel. At a time I wasn’t sure about the size (too big for me), the posing abilities (Asian companies had years to perfect it). The mainstream BJD was the safest way to go. But I couldn’t help it and just followed Bo on her blog. And then I found the doll that made me forget all my doubts – The Autumn Ambriel. But it was a limited edition and already sold out. Can you imagine my happiness when I found out (thank you, Olga!) that I can have my dream girl with a really similar faceup by an artist that I admire?!

When I received my Ambriel, she exceeded all my expectations. She is so much more beautiful than any picture of her! It’s hard to even think of her as a doll! She is just a gorgeous young girl, full of life! I usually don’t create stories for my dolls, but Ambriel is again an exception here. She holds poses beautifully and naturally (and she whispered into my ear that she is dreaming of becoming a ballerina). The color and the feel of her resin amazingly imitates human skin. Her body is so slender and little – it’s pure joy to make clothes for her! I feel like a little kid on a Christmas morning every time when I look at her.




7 thoughts on “Autumn Ambriel

  1. Рыжие волосы и карие глаза- любимое сочетание 🙂 Света, отличные фото. Костюмчик очень красивый

  2. Спасибо,Марина! Когда куколка так нравится – вяжется и фотографируется легко!

  3. Love her! Love this outfit and wonderful photos too! Great job Sviatlana~ I can see Ambriel has found a wonderful home with you. I am truly blessed when collectors find me and my dolls and then love them as I do! Helping other grown up girls who still play with dolls (like me) feel like Christmas Morning is one of the best complements I’ve ever had. Thank you!
    Bo Bergemann

  4. Оля, спасибо за публикацию!
    Света, поздравляю! Девочка замечательная, очень мне нравится – и именно в этом цвете… Очень нравится! Наряд тоже очень хорошо подобран и выполнен. Хороша!

    1. Спасибо, Инна! Она действительно чудесная-я на нее насмотреться не могу!

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