Captivating Swashbuckler by Madame Alexander

This is my second Madame Alexander doll – Captivating Swashbuckler, 2008, LE300. She is simply amazing. I bought her because I was really interested to see how she is different from Tonner dolls which I am very fond of. Well, I loved her the moment I saw her inside her box.

She is 16-inch tall, has lots of points of articulation (I’ve lost count, definitely more than Tonner dolls, so she is even more flexible!). Her painted grey eyes with applied eyelashes and curly auburn hair are simply gorgeous. And the outfit left me speechless! The quality and the exquisite details are overwhelming! She comes with a sword and even a parrot (not the trunk, the trunk is my prop).



6 thoughts on “Captivating Swashbuckler by Madame Alexander

  1. She’s amazing! I’m not very familiar with Madame Alexander dolls, but she’s gone on my wish list for sure!

  2. Заворожила! Это не кукла, это настоящая, действительно, женщина – пиратка! И вспоминаются слова из песни “Бригантина”:
    “Надоело говорить, и спорить,
    И любить усталые глаза…
    В флибустьерском дальнем синем море
    Бригантина подымает паруса…”

  3. Роскошная девица!!! Наряд обалденный!!! Вот бы поближе рассмотреть, а уж в руках подержать вообще мечта нереальная!!!

  4. Марина, спасибо! Покажу как-нибудь и в движении!

    Jenni, thank you very much! I am not very much into Madame Alexander dolls, but I’ve got 3 of them out of curiosity and I like them!

    Sviatlana, thank you! I completely agree with you!

    Александр, спасибо!

    Лена, спасибо! Приезжай в гости! 🙂

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