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Another piece of news. As you know, I am gradually re-branding this blog. It will take some time to move it onto a new website and to have a new design.

However, I have already got a banner for the new name and I am happy to announce that:

  • The new name for my blog will be Swish & Swirl
  • I have already changed the name of my Etsy shop for the new one, AND
  • I have opened my blog’s page on Facebook (just click on the photo below to get there). The Facebook page will be slightly different from the blog as apart from the photographs of my outfits for dolls I am sharing interesting articles and photos about dolls and / or historical outfits that I have found. So, please Like me there, if you are interested!

Facebook 2

6 thoughts on “My blog on Facebook

  1. Олечка, поздравляю тебя с началом рибрендинга!
    Пусть новое название принесет с собой много нового и интересного, а также успешные продажи и творческие эксперименты
    Эмблема изумительно красивая!

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