Turtleneck (and Clem)

I’ve been very busy this week. I have started making a contemporary wardrobe for an A Girl for All Time doll who is going on a short holiday to Hong Kong with me in December. She needs warm clothes, of course. And it is delightful for me to have a change from summer dresses and sew coats and sweaters! My faithful Clem is working as a model (but she is not the one who is going to Hong Kong!). The first item is ready. It’s a turtleneck! It closes at the back with 9 (!) snaps! I think, next time I will have to sew it up for half of the length at the back!


8 thoughts on “Turtleneck (and Clem)

  1. Клементине идет этот наряд. Мне жаль, что ты не её возьмешь с собой 🙂

    1. Да, он ей очень идет, но в мои планы и не входило ее брать. Выбор был – либо Лидия, либо Матильда. Победила Лидия, как более новая, а потому более интересная. А из Клементины получилась хорошая рабочая лошадка – из-за ее коротких волос на нее очень удобно делать примерки. http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wink.gif

  2. She does look different in a modern and trendy outfit. Each time I watch one of your girls I feel as if I had never quite realized before how beautiful they are each one in a different way. You could make me adopt any one of them: your photos are so well-done!

    1. Line, thank you so much for your compliments! You are certainly not the first one who have told me they bought certain dolls having seen them in my blog! And that’s the best compliment – it means I manage to show the inner beauty of these dolls, and that makes me really happy. Thank you so much again! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif

  3. This looks nice on Clem and the colour suits her, it’s a shame it’s not for her though 🙁
    And 9 snaps!!!! Yes, next time I think you’d be better off sewing the back up a bit! Don’t you just hate sewing on loads of snaps? I know I do!!!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! Yes, it is a shame, but I have already decided to take Lydia with me! I might make one for Clem, too, as I have just enough of this fabric left for one more turtleneck.
      And yes, I also hate sewing on those snaps. I didn’t realise I would need so many to have a smooth look. I would never ever degrade to using velcro (which people would routinely use on tees), so I guess, I have to put up with sewing snaps on. It took me most of the afternoon to sew them on (on and off, of course)!

  4. Очень красивая водолазка! Интересный трикотаж – нежный узор, мягкая и уютная на вид.
    А я не умею пробивать кнопки. Или у тебя пришивные? Пришивные не очень люблю, потому что они толстые. Мне очень нравятся потайные молнии. Их и застегивать легко, и почти не заметно в шве http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

    1. Таня, спасибо! Трикотаж этот мне тоже нравится. Жалко, осталось мало (хотя, вроде, много было – куда делся? Я ведь ничего не шила из трикотажа!). Кнопки у меня пришивные, конечно же. 5мм. Пол-дня сидела пришивала. Молнии я вставляю только в платья и иногда в вязаные изделия. В трикотаж молнию пришивать замучаешься.

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