Matilda on Singapore Flyer

The very last photographs of Singapore… My A Girl for All Time Matilda had a ride on the Singapore Flyer – for the last time. I took some photos there before and showed them here. It is interesting to notice some differences 3 years on!

This is the model of the Singapore Flyer – the second largest in the world. It is 165 metres tall.



The view of the City and the famous skyscrapers – from different heights.



The view of the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s second Botanic Gardens.



The view of the South China Sea, cargo ships and some distant Indonesian islands. Just under Matilda’s feet is the Formula 1 track.


The view of the eastern part of Singapore, including a newly built stadium.


Finally on the top!





At the bottom of the Ferris wheel. Another view of the Gardens by the Bay.



And on the skyscrapers again.


And that’s how my dolls (and our household stuff) were moved from Singapore to the UK – in one of the containers like these and on a similar ship…


More photos are in the gallery below:

8 thoughts on “Matilda on Singapore Flyer

  1. I love these amazing pictures of Singapore! Beautiful! Mattie looks a little wistful to be leaving…I’m glad to say that I’m having a Matilda doll coming to live with me this month, along with Kidz and Cats Julika…

      1. Thank you Olga. I’ll do that. Great! I’m really going to have to get a proper camera and start posting! I’m sure that all love Matilda. It was a very hard choice to make as all these dolls are beautiful, but I do love Tudor history and love the slightly quizzical look on Matilda’s face.

        1. Oh yes, Pauline, I know just how hard it is to choose between AGAT girls!! But Matilda was my first and is still my favourite one!! Great to see you in the group! Please post pictures there!!

  2. A great bunch of photos Olga, such super memories for you all to keep. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  3. Отличные фото! Здорово можно рассмотреть Сингапур. Матильда выглядит немного удивленной. 🙂 Прекрасное, красивое воспоминание.

    1. Инна, спасибо большое! Воспоминания действительно чудесные остались (запоминается ведь только хорошее…).

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