Amber Disquietude

Last week I received a new doll – Amber Disquietude, 2012, LE1000. Ever since I got by Amber Wigged Out did I want an Amber doll with blue eyes and brown rooted hair (yes, generally I prefer rooted hair in dolls). I was thinking of buying a basic Amber from the collection 2012 – with brown eyes and have her eyes changed by monalisa. However, when I saw these basic dolls, I wasn’t impressed by them, so in the end I bought this dressed Amber, already with blue eyes. Her hair is difficult – being in curls – but she makes up for it by her gorgeous eyes!

I named her Madeleine.

2 thoughts on “Amber Disquietude

  1. Екатерина, спасибо большое! Мне она тоже очень-очень нравится!

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