Lisa by Iplehouse

I didn’t plan to buy this doll but when my friend pointed out to me that she would make a perfect Adele Varens (of which I was thinking myself!), I decided to get her. Despite the fact that I already had Lonnie who was supposed to play part of Adele. But… I agree, Lisa by Iplehouse would make a much better one!!

And here she is! My perfect Adele, in peach gold skintone and without a face-up (of course, as I never order Iplehouse face-ups any more!). She has just arrived and it was love at first sight. I immediately changed her original brown acrylic eyes for the grey glass ones (the only ones I found in size 10). She will have blue eyes when I get them for her.


She doesn’t have an outfit yet, so she is dressed in whatever fitted her!





And a small bonus: two Adeles – Lisa and Lonnie. Two Adele Varens. Who of them is more suitable?


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20 thoughts on “Lisa by Iplehouse

  1. I love this face! Looks so much more cheerful than Lonnie and more suitable for the Adele character. But they are both beautiful dolls-they can be sisters “off stage” so to speak. The sculpts are quite similar I think.

    1. Thank you! Lisa certainly looks happier than Lonnie! And they do look rather similar together. I have now tried a different wig on Lonnie (the red mohair one from my Bo’s Sophia) and she looks like a 19th century girl now (but not Adele!). But now I am stuck with another name for Lonnie! Any thoughts?

  2. Лиза больше подходит на роль Адель. Я сразу подумала о ней как об Адели.:-)

    1. Спасибо! Быть ей Аделью, однозначно! Я как только ее достала из коробки, сразу это поняла!

  3. Оля, поздравляю с приездом маленькой очаровательной барышни! На самом деле обе девчушки очень хороши, но Лонни – это ещё ребёнок, а глядя на Лизу понимаешь, что она уже успела “познакомиться с жизнью”.

    1. Оля, спасибо большое! Точно, Лиза выглядит взрослее Лонни. Я тут даже думала было попробовать ее голову посадить на тело JID (у моей Т