Yellow cardigan for Alice

Another gorgeous cardigan which my mum made for my other daughter’s American Girl doll. The same blue corduroy trousers were made by me.





12 thoughts on “Yellow cardigan for Alice

  1. What a beautiful springtime sweater! I especially love the pink and blue flowers. You and you mother are two very talented ladies. Do you have an eBay or Easy shop? I’d love to have a sweater like this for Matilda.

      1. Oh, I’m so glad you have an Etsy store! The prices are quite good, too, but I’m concerned that the shipping costs to the U.S.A. might be as much as the sweater since you live in Singapore, right? If shipping is not bad, then I think Matilda would look lovely in either a yellow or lavender cardigan.

        1. Julia, the shipping cost of one item to the USA is $6. If you buy two items, it’s $9, etc. I have sent outfits to the USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Russia, Australia and some other countries. The cost of shipping is always consistent and is no more than it would be from the US to Singapore. 🙂

          1. That is wonderful news! Yes, I’d like to order one for Matilda. Could you also make a shirt for her to wear under it? I have blue jeans for her already so that would give her a complete modern-day outfit.

            1. OK, thank you. Yes, we will make some shirt as well. I hope you don’t mind waiting though. My mum doesn’t live in Singapore (we are expats here). I will go home for summer holidays and I will bring back everything my mum will make for Etsy around mid-August. Is that OK with you?

              1. No problem at all. Just e-mail me when you have it. And thank you for sharing your dolls and the clothes you make for them on the blog. I always look forward to reading each new posting that you do.

                1. Great! Yes, I’ll let you know when I am back and it is ready. By the way, what kind of shirt do you have in mind? Would something without sleeves (of the kind this doll has under the cardigan) be alright?

                  And thank you so much for your kind words. You can’t imagine how happy they make me feel! I am so glad that you like what I do.

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