Alice and Daniella

Just a few more photographs of Alice and Daniella dressed in my mum’s knitted cardigans. What amazes me is how different these dolls are  – they actually have the same face mold!






6 thoughts on “Alice and Daniella

    1. Thank you, Sandra! My mum doesn’t use patterns, I am afraid. She just gets inspiration either from her head or from some children’s clothing she sees on the Internet and then simply knits!

    1. Sandra, Thank you so much! I also like using at least some basic knitting patterns. I can figure it out, eventually, but it’s faster to use something ready. So, thank you for the compliment to my mum! Quite honestly, I find it incredible, too!!

  1. YAY for cool knitting ninja moms!
    I just love this cardi so much I dug out some yarn and needles and will try to replicate it. Probably going to be a pig´s ear job but I have to at least try!

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