Prince Gregor

Yes! Another Sasha doll! I did say that Sasha dolls turned out to be absolutely wonderful in person, didn’t I! And they are so sweet that it’s very hard to resist them. So, my Alexandra has got a match – a beautiful boy. He is Prince Gregor, a Limited Edition from 1985, one of only 4000 produced.

He is absolutely adorable. He has deep blue eyes, and he is the only boy who has painted eyelashes (all other boys don’t have eyelashes at all). His hair is a gorgeous thick wig of just the right colour. The outfit is beautiful, but of course won’t stay on him for much longer!

He clearly stated to me that his name is Sebastian.






Sebastian and Alexandra together. The outfits don’t match in style but soon they will wear outfits from the same historical eras (whichever I decided to make!).


More photos are in the gallery below:

6 thoughts on “Prince Gregor

  1. He’s a handsome boy Olga, and I don’t blame you for being bitten by the bug. I originally said that I wanted one girl and one boy. Then I thought “well maybe I need a blond and brunette in each!” But now some 18 Sashas and Gregors later…I have given up on myself! 😉
    Enjoy! He’s lovely!
    Hugs Sharon

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon! Well, I know what you mean! I’ve been there before with other dolls. And even now I am actually thinking about another girl!! Brown eyes this time. But I think, I’ll wait and enjoy what I’ve got for the moment!! I didn’t realise you have so many Sasha dolls!! Yay!!

  2. Замечательный мальчик, очень выразительный. Хорошая пара получилась. Зачем тебе третий лишний? 🙂

    1. Спасибо, Марина! Да, я согласна, третий лишний не нужен. Посмотрю. Пока, по крайней мере, на этом я точно остановлюсь.

  3. Ой, какой славный молодой человек! Такое лицо – ну прямо Маленький Принц из Экзюпери)))

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Слушай, а ведь ты права – он и правда похож на Маленького Принца!!

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