Outlander. Embroidering the stomacher for Claire’s wedding dress.

As you might have noticed I do not make outfits for dolls in any particular order. I work on inspiration! And this summer, while I was moving countries and didn’t have my sewing machine at hand, I decided to do the embroidery for Claire’s wedding dress. Fully by hand, of course!

First of all, I must thank Terry Dresbach for the design of the dress and for the wonderful inspiration!! It is amazing, actually, how much these books and TV series have inspired me in my doll dressmaking!

Here is Claire’s wedding dress in the TV series.


Outlander 2014

The stomacher.


I started with stitching a piece of a very thin poly-cotton fabric. It took me a few evenings!


Once I’ve finished, I gathered the fabric. It didn’t have to be perfect (after all, I wasn’t doing any smocking!), all I needed was random gathers.


I was planning to make two stomachers at the same time – for A Girl for All Time doll (the smaller one) and for my Iplehouse doll (the larger one). I made the patterns by using my favourite method of wrapping dolls with masking tape, etc. The shapes of the stomachers are not exactly the same as on the original Claire’s dress because my dolls didn’t have the advantage of a corset that could change the shape of their bodies.


I prepared three layers – the middle one being the gathered fabric. Then, there was also a layer of calico cotton on one side and a layer of water-soluble fliseline on the other. I transferred the embroidery design straight onto fliseline.


I had two typed of a very thin silver thread.


Here is the first finished stomacher.


And these are both stomachers after I washed the embroidery under running water and the top fliseline layer got dissolved.



To be continued…

11 thoughts on “Outlander. Embroidering the stomacher for Claire’s wedding dress.

  1. Оля, это восхитительно красиво! Браво! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_heart.gif
    Жду продолжения – очень интересно, как ты это вырезала и завершила.

    1. Оленька, спасибо большое! Пока ничего не вырезала. Ка привезла с собой летом, так и лежит пока, не было времени совсем. Но скоро займусь, вот только закончу заказы сначала.

  2. Beautiful! Such delicate and intricate work. You are so talented. I must say that the television Claire’s dress is very…daring.

    1. Thank you, Pauline! Yes, the dress is very… scary at the thought of trying to repeat it. But one you start doing it, it’s very exciting!

  3. Восхитительный узор и прекрасное исполнение!
    Тоже жду, что будет дальше)))

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Дальше будет еще сложнее!! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif Предстоит сделать еще немало вышивки!!

    1. Леночка, спасибо огромное! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif Где бы вот еще время найти, чтобы дошить эти платья!! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif

  4. I have the pattern for the dress for my Tonner Claire doll, but I can’t find a hand embroidery pattern for the embroidery. It seems most people are doing embroidery by machine. Unfortunately, I don’t have a machine that does embroidery and I enjoy stitching by hand. Can you do a pattern small enough for the Tonner size doll? If you need the pattern for the stomacher and skirt, I can have copies made to send to you. I have the wedding dress pattern from Designs by Jude. I also have the Red Dress pattern and two other Claire patterns, plus Jamie’s Versailles suit and a shirt and kilt pattern. I see you also have the fabrics from Spoonflower. I am also disappointed that it isn’t available in wool, but I think I am going to line the Kilt as I go with the same fabric so that I have the pattern on both sides. I have the McKenzie tartan and the Fraser tartan. I have all 4 Claire dolls that were made and was lucky enough to get two of Jamie. i am so glad that I did because Tonner went out of business. Robert Tonner has started a new company called Aero and Phynn, but I don’t know if he will continue with the Outlander dolls. I know he isn’t doing the DC Comics dolls anymore, but he is still doing Ellowyne using the Claire doll body type. I know he had the license for Outlander so I guess it will be a wait and see. There had been plans for more dolls before Tonner closed. I was lucky enough to find two pieces of a blue/green silk damask from France to make the dress that Claire wears to see the King. It is absolutely beautiful. I will have to figure out how to add the ruching around the neck and add the sacque back to the dress. I got the very last of the blue/green damask, but they do have some other gorgeous colors. I found them on Etsy at TissueJaponais. I plan to order some other colors later. Please let me know if you can help with the embroidery pattern. If I find anymore of the blue/green fabric, I will let you know. Oh, by the way, I contacted the designer of the fabric under Claire’s gold Versailles gown and the Jamaica gown fabric. She is going to scale those patterns down to 1:3 and 1:4. She will let me know when they are available at Spoonflower.

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