Arabella and Romeo… or two

My eldest daughter has been dreaming about this particular doll for a few years!! But it wasn’t easy to find him. I managed to get one for myself but he didn’t have any clothes and she wanted the one fully dressed in the original outfit (it’s gorgeous, so I don’t blame her!!). At the end of last year her dream finally came true!

This is our second Romeo (Star-crossed, Re-Imagination, 2008, LE500). He will be Romuald in our doll family, a younger cousin to my Romeo whose name is Richard.




I don’t suppose Arabella and Romuald will be a couple (I am pretty sure my daughter will quickly find a match for him!) but it didn’t hurt trying (or I might borrow him for my Arabella from time to time!).

Anyway, I started with putting the two of them together and then decided to have a little bit of fun.

Here is Romuald meeing beautiful Arabella in the palace of his uncle (His Majesty Severus, remember?).


He obviously fell in love on the spot! He introduced himself to Arabella..


And kissed her hand. It seems that she liked him, too.


What is he whispering to her, I wonder?


Arabella has walked away. But look, who appeared now! It’s Romuald’s cousin Richard who looks like him!


Oh, look, Arabella is back! And what a shock it was for her! She hadn’t met the prince before. And she clearly didn’t realised that Romuald was the young prince’s cousin. And that they looked so similar.

Is she going to faint?


Oh, yes, she will!


Luckily, Romuald was there to catch her.



“Please forgive me, beautiful lady, for frightening you! I am Richard and you shouldn’t be afraid of me.”


Romuald has introduced Arabella to Richard.




Hmm, perhaps, I should secretly keep them as a couple after all! They do look so good together!


And the two cousins together. Romuald is taller than Richard because of his boots that have really thick soles. It’s interesting how different they are. Richard looks older and wiser (just as he should be according to my story!).


More photographs are in the gallery below.

4 thoughts on “Arabella and Romeo… or two

  1. Оленька, поздравляю тебя и твою дочку! Могу понять ее, я тоже всегда с ума сходила от родного наряда Ромео! Сочетание зеленых глаз и черных волос у него сказочное А с Арабеллой они очень органично смотрятся. Не терпится увидеть ее в наряде, который ты для нее сама сделаешь 🙂

    1. Оленька, спасибо большое! Я тоже обожаю родной наряд Ромео, а уж сочетание волос и глаз – просто сказка! Один из моих самых любимым кукелов у Тоннера! Для Арабеллы я думаю что-нибудь Тюдорское, но пока еще сама не решила, что. Возможно, для начала будет что-то попроще, чтоб она голой не стояла!!

  2. Оля, какая очаровательная история))) Кузены и Арабелла невероятно хороши
    Творческих успехов с очередным тюдорским нарядом!

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