Meet another of my customized American Girl dolls – Maggie. She is Marie-Grace with blue eyes (not sure, whose, but they look Elizabeth’s to me, I think) and #61 wig. This doll was customized by Jodybo. She was the first customized doll that I bought. And that’s where my current obsession with customizing has started! I will show more customizations – done by me! – soon.


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    1. Thank you, Xyra! As it happens, I do like The Mortal Instruments (it helps to have a teenage daughter who likes all that stuff!!). I haven’t read the books but I have seen the film based on the first one (twice, in fact!) and I really liked it (particularly, an amazing discovery of Aidan Turner being in it!!). I haven’t seen the TV series – I’ve heard they are not that good and are not very close to the books. My daughter, who is a book purist (that is, films based on favourite books have to be close to those books!) and she is not keen to watch it. So, which Clary looks like this doll – the one from the film or the one from the TV series?

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