Renewed Erin

Another of my customized Bonnie & Pearl dolls – Catherine (named Erin in my doll family). She used to have the same sleepy blue eyes which I didn’t like.


Because I absolutely adore the blue eyes / dark hair combination, I decided to give her dark blue fixed glass eyes. Hasn’t she become gorgeous?








7 thoughts on “Renewed Erin

  1. Yes she is lovely! I think the dark hair and blue eyes combination is really pretty. Maybe one day Bonnie and Pearl will take note and new girls will come with more attractive eyes, even if they are acrylic there are some great acrylic eyes available on the market these days, they don’t need to use those almost cloudy eyes that they currently use.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I wonder if new girls might have better eyes, like Bonnie – she has different blue eyes, as far as I know. Acrylic eyes can be great as we know, there are much more realistic sleepy eyes around (AG ones, for example!).

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