Yellow crochet dress for Gotz dolls

This is a dress which I crocheted for my Gotz doll Katie about a year ago. Since then Katie moved to live in my close friend’s house and the dress is now worn by her elder sister – Gotz doll Hannah (Rockstar). I will explain how to make a similar dress soon (once I’ve made my scanner working!).

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5 thoughts on “Yellow crochet dress for Gotz dolls

  1. Do you have a pattern that can be purchased for this beautiful Gotz Doll dress? I would love to purchase. Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, I am sorry but I don’t have the pattern and am not planning to make it. It’s just too complicated to explain. I don’t even have the notes anymore. I can easily do knitting patterns but explaining crochet is an entirely different story. Really sorry about it!

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