Ambriel by Bo Bergemann

Ambriel is my new BJD doll and my new passion. She is a creation of a very talented doll artist Bo Bergemann. I didn’t know anything about her dolls until the 18th of January 2012. I was browsing the Internet at my leasure, out of curiosity looking up a BJD doll my friend had just mentioned, and got to a page at BJD Collectasy, I wouldn’t even remember which one. Because then I saw HER! Ambriel! This was the ad that caught my eye. I clicked on it and – voila! – found myself on Bo Bergermann’s website. And this Ambriel was looking at me. Crimson & Velvet Ambriel… It was love at first sight. But I needed a basic doll since I love making clothes myself. I wrote to Bo within the first hour after I’d seen Ambriel! Never before had I made a decision about a doll so quickly. Bo kindly agreed to do the face-up for my Ambriel – the same as Crimson & Velvet Ambriel – for which I am deeply grateful. And so, to my great delight, my Ambriel arrived yesterday!

I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel about this beauty! She is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! She feels so smooth, like porcelain. Her skin is a perfect natural colour. Her body is simply perfect and poses like a dream. She is very refined and elegant.

I also discovered that a dress that I knitted for my Ellowyne doll a couple of months ago fitted Ambriel beautifully (albeit a bit short).

I am now a great fan of Bo’s dolls. Thank you, Bo, for such an amazing doll!!! She is a treat! I look forward to your new creations!

I didn’t plan to rename Ambriel, but when she arrived one name kept on coming to my mind whenever I thought of her – Leda… So, Leda she is!

7 thoughts on “Ambriel by Bo Bergemann

  1. Your Ambriel is really stunning, I can see why you are drawn to her. I do love the Bo Bergemann’s dolls, they are beautiful and the sculpts are really unique.

  2. Оленька, поздравляю с новенькой желанной девочкой!!! Очень интересная куколка!!!

  3. Thank you so much, Bo! I really appreciate it! I have so many plans for her dresses already! I just need to make up my mind and start somewhere! 🙂 Again, thank you very much for her!!! Olga

  4. Sviatlana, thank you! Well, now you won’t escape it! Congratulations on ordering one, too! 🙂 You are going to love her!

    Лена, спасибо большое!

  5. Добрый вечер! Сегодня полюбовалась на Вашу красавицу Амбриэль. Очень красивая! Также, благодаря Вашей этой страничке узнала, как называются эти куклы. Я вообще с детства обожаю кукол. Если Вам не сложно, не могли бы Вы написать на мой эл.почту как вообще можно заказать такую (или похожую) куколку у этой замечательной Бо Бергеманн, и сколько стоит этот шедевр?

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