I was thinking of adding this boy to my collection for more than a year! Other Kidz’n’Cats boys have the same face, and only Robby is different. I also love his bright red hair and his exquisite freckles! The only thing which is not ideal in him is that although I bought him just now he still came with 9 joints and not 11, though all other old dolls now have 11 joints. But never mind. He is simply gorgeous!

To continue the line of more or less medieval names for my Kidz’n’Cats dolls I have decided to keep his name. So, he is Robert now. Or, still, Robby.

7 thoughts on “Robby

  1. I have his identical twin!
    I also have Lena, Louisa, Jakob and Alister. Only my Alister has the extra joints, but I hardly notice the difference. It is just so nice to have dolls with knees and elbows. It is surprising how different Jakob, Alister and Lena are, despite being the same sculpt.

  2. Hi Jenni. Gosh you have more Kidz than I do! Out of my 4 (Grace, Mike, Tinka and Robby) only Grace has 11 joints. And I agree. For me, the wrist joints don’t make much difference, but it’s nice to have them. Still, I have dolls without joints and dolls with many more joints – and they are all great in their different ways, no matter what joints they have. We don’t choose our dolls based on joints, do we? 🙂

  3. Солнечный мальчик. Интересно, а как он будет смотреться Anne of Green Gables?
    Конечно,хотелось бы 11 суставов, но он и с 9 хорош. Ты права, мы их любим не за это 🙂

  4. Здорово! Оказывается, что в этой жизни есть и куклы – мальчики! Это неожиданно!

  5. Марина, спасибо! Да, именно солнечный. Как Аби. 🙂 С Анной посмотрю, как будет смотреться, но сомневаюсь, что хорошо.

    Александр, спасибо! Да, в этой линейке кукол есть куклы-мальчики. Еще бывают мальчики БЖД (но мне они не нравятся, за редким исключением).

  6. Bonjour
    je suis a la recherche d’une poupée robby pour ma fille
    vendriez vous cette poupée
    merci de votre reponse

    1. Hello, I am sorry but I don’t have this doll anymore. I sold him a few months ago. Good luck with finding your Robby!

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