Hope by Kaye Wiggs

She is my miracle girl, because the fact that I managed to get her at all is a miracle! All Kaye Wiggs dolls are available at reasonable prices only during pre-order periods (usually lasting a month). This doll – Hope by Kaye Wiggs – was offered for pre-order in November 2011 when I wasn’t even interested in BJDs and definitely didn’t even know of the existence of Kaye Wiggs and her dolls! When I did find out about them in January 2012, it was already too late (though not too late for another little cutie who should arrive to me any time now!).

So my only hope for Hope was to be quick enough to get her when some extra dolls were put up for sale at jpopdolls.net. And that moment came. There were 16 extra dolls that were going online at 6pm PST on 20 May which translated to 9 am on 21 May here in Singapore (that was already lucky!). So, I thoroughly prepared myself for the fight and I managed to get my Hope on the 34th second after they came up on the website! It literally took only 40 seconds for all 16 dolls to be sold! Yes, these dolls are THAT popular!!!

My Hope arrived to me about 10 days later and she WAS a dream! She came with default eyes and a wig. Though I will try different eyes and wigs on her in the future, for the moment I couldn’t be happier with her look.

I named her Milagros.

While she was on her way to me I made her a simple dress (no patterns, just a couple of hours of sewing, etc.). It closes at the back with lacing.

11 thoughts on “Hope by Kaye Wiggs

  1. Голубые глаза и рыжий парик – это что-то заоблачное! Не думаю, что это стоит менять… Да, это – чудо необыкновенное! Удивляюсь, что творчеству нет предела!

  2. Она у тебя очень красивая! Ей необыкновенно идет это платье. И я тоже думаю, что не стоит ей менять образ. Все так удачно.

  3. Симпатичная девочка. Можно попробовать сделать её шатенкой, для разнообразия 🙂
    Платье чудесное, хоть и простое. Люблю горошек.

  4. Александр, спасибо! Да, мне тоже нравится ее образ. И обожаю рыжих кукол – хоть с голубыми, хоть с карими глазами! Так что, скорее всего, просто попробую другой рыжий парик и другие голубые или синие глаза.

    Оля, спасибо! Согласна, образ очень удачный – и родной, ведь именно такой она и была на промках.

    Марина, спасибо! Шатенкой можно попробовать, если найдется подходящий парик. 🙂

  5. Очаровательная девочка, поздравляю, Оленька!!!
    Замечательное платье её ожидало дома!!!

  6. Оля, она мне очень нравится рыжей, загорелой, с голубыми глазами, в платье с голубым… Такое солнечное яркое очарование! Поздравляю еще раз с такой удачной покупкой!!!

  7. Лена, спасибо большое!

    Инна, спасибо большое! Все-таки любим мы рыжих кукол, да? 🙂 Они такие яркие, солнечные!

  8. Hi!

    Gorgeous doll. I just discovered Kaye Wiggs dolls too and this is one of my favorites. I am at lost how it works. Do they come to assemble>? I don’t know how to sew or know anything about dolls. I just now I like these dolls a lot. Are they too expensive are jpopsdolls.net? I just subscribed there too. Can you help me figure all this out> ? Thank you!

  9. Hi Ivonne. Kaye’s dolls are gorgeous, if you get one of them, you will love her. They come assembled with their eyes packed separately (which means you will have to find a silicone – silicone for the ears works great! – to put them in place). You will just have to get a wig which you like (sizes is a different matter) and get some clothes to dress her. These dolls are quite expensive (all BJDs are). If you pre-order on Jpopdolls, then dolls like Hope (MSD size) cost around US$540 + shipping. You can only pre-order them for a short time (about a month) and then the dolls are made to order. They are never repeated, so Hope will never be produced again but there will be other dolls just as beautiful (Miki is coming soon – I love her!). Of course, you can find Hope on eBay, but she will be more expensive there. Please let me know if you have more questions! 🙂

  10. I read about your Hope with interest because your story mirrors mine when it comes to the Kaye Wiggs dolls in this size. I had heard of them, I’d even owned a SD sized Pepper that I’d bought directly from Kaye in Australia some two years previously, and handpainted by her, but I didn’t really take much notice of the MSD sized girls. However, when I saw Hope I just had to have her. But like you, it was too late as the pre-order had been months previously. But when I heard that they were selling the extras, I got up at 4am in order to try my luck. Sadly, although I got one in the ‘cart’ it was snatched up by someone else as I tried to check out! So with a heavy heart I went back to bed. But all was not lost, I got up early (again!) and tried for the small batch that were being offered at 10am Spain time, and in the first seconds, again I missed out. But 10 minutes after they’d all sold, I just happened to refresh her page and there was ONE available!!! I couldn’t believe it and was shaking trying to get her in the cart and paid for…my hands were shaking so much! And it worked, she came home here to Spain, along with hefty customs charges, unfortunately, but she’s still here and she’s such a lovely doll!!
    Hope you don’t mind me sharing my story with you!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Hi Sharon, a very warm welcome!! http://www.swish-swirl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif I am really glad to see you here!! I LOVE your story!! It is always amazing how some dolls are just meant to be and they miraculously come to us!! I am so happy for you to have got Hope!! She is gorgeous! (You are really lucky to have Pepper!!)

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