Classy cardigan for Francesca

I knitted this lovely cardigan for my Francesca while I was in Russia last year. I used a very easy to follow pattern from Becky Colvin again using knitting needles sizes 2 and 1.5 mm (US sizes #0 and 000).

It took me only about a week to finish it as it was such fun to make it and really hard to put down! The result is gorgeous – this cardigan looks so much like a real thing!

4 thoughts on “Classy cardigan for Francesca

  1. Сногсшибательный кардиган!!! По ощущениям от фото это милая живая девушка, а не небольшая куколка!!!

  2. Лена, спасибо большое! Она действительно как живая, одна из моих любимых тоннерок!

    Марина, спасибо большое!

    Ann, thanks a lot! Miniature knitting is actually not as hard as it looks. I find it difficult to knit human size clothes!

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