Mirwen is here!

I was agonizing over Fairyland MiniFee dolls for over a year. I always admired how beautifully she could pose, but was reluctant to buy yet another BJD. I think now that I simply couldn’t find the right one for me! First, I liked Chloe, then Shushu, then Lishe, then Chloe again… until I saw Mirwen with a gorgeous custom face-up! And that decided it. I ordered my Mirwen just before Christmas. And finally she has arrived!!

She is very very pretty!! Even without a face-up (I know, without it and with such huge eyes she looks rather like an alien!). My only complaint is the eyes that Fairyland gave her. Well, I do appreciate that everyone gets random eyes, but so far I’ve been pretty lucky with those. But these eyes…. Oh, well, they will go straight to the bin, as I have no use for them. Apart from the awful mustard colour, they are also way too large. I have temporarily replaced them with the spare 14 mm green glass eyes that I had. They are also too large, but will do until her proper eyes arrive. She will be going to my friend Ariadne for a face-up tomorrow.

And my Mirwen has passed the most important test for a BJD – yes, she can stand on one leg!!!

7 thoughts on “Mirwen is here!

  1. Оль, мне она понравилась в светлом парике. У кукол без мейка особый шарм, можно представить в любом образе. 🙂

  2. Оля, уже интересно посмотреть, какой будет Мирвен с мейком и правильными глазами))) Кудряшки ей к лицу, но мой любимый вариант – светлый парик.

  3. Лара, спасибо! Посмотрим, что получится. Я Юлю никогда не тороплю, поэтому как только девушка будет готова, то сразу покажемся!

  4. Марина, спасибо. Мне кажется, ей все парики идут, но мейк рисовать будем под кудрявый все же. По крайней мере, под такой цвет.

  5. Mirwen is a beautiful sculpt! Congratulations! I’m in love with Fairyland dolls and so glad you like her!
    I have to admit, that eyes that go with MiniFee are really strange (to put it mildly). My Chloe looked simply scary with them.
    Can’t wait to see your Mirwen complete!

  6. Оля, поздравляю с приездом новенькой! С нетерпением буду ждать фотографий после мейка. Очень интересно, какой она станет.

  7. Sviatlana, thanks a lot! I do indeed like her very much!! Even though I tend to prefer more tanned dolls, as you know. I can’t wait to see her with a face-up myself! Without it she looks a bit weird, I must say!

    Аня, спасибо большое! Мирвен уехала сегодня к Юле на мейк. Одно могу сказать – она планируется кареглазкой!

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