Carina’s arrival (Iplehouse)

Carina was the first BJD doll that ever attracted my attention. Before I saw her, I hadn’t been interested in BJDs at all!! The one that I fell in love with was a light brown Carina Belly Dancer. But having looked and held her “sister” Jessica in real life, I decided she was too large and heavy for me. But first love never dies. When I overcame my fear of CD dolls I simply couldn’t rest in peace until I ordered her.

And finally she has arrived – after full two months of waiting! No name yet, no face-up. I don’t even like this wig on her. But as everyone seems to like looking at blank dolls, I have decided to show her anyway. If anyone wonders, I ordered her in Realskin.

2 thoughts on “Carina’s arrival (Iplehouse)

  1. Thank you! She can also be very gentle! I love this face – one can make almost anything out of it. (I’ve seen photos of Carina with a face-up that made her look like Julia Roberts!)

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