T9FTDD01IMG_2514_thumbShowing this doll is long overdue as I have had him for almost 2 years already! But he arrived nude and I didn’t have time to make a medieval outfit for him. Finally, my daughter gave an outfit from her doll for him, so as he is finally dressed, I am ready to show him off!

Romeo, Star-crossed, Re-Imagination, Tonner doll, 2008, LE500.

In my doll family he is Richard Romuald (or simply Richard) and is a son of His Majesty Severus and his beautiful wife Liliana Bianca.


4 thoughts on “Romeo

  1. Симпатичный. Это единственный кукел с молдом Бэзила, который мне нравится 🙂

  2. И правда, это не Бэзил 🙂 А я то думаю, чего он мне понравился

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