Summer dress for Amanda

This is another dress I have recently made for large Gotz dolls. It is modelled on my precious Amanda.






6 thoughts on “Summer dress for Amanda

    1. Марина, спасибо! Что-то полюбился мне оранжевый цвет – он очень солнечный, из него очень приятно шить!

  1. That is a lovely dress, the fabric really suits her, I love bright colours. Your Amanda is just amazing! I can so appreciate how she was such a holy grail doll for you! I know you said she was expensive but I suspect worth every penny!! 🙂

    1. Sharon, thank you so much! She was indeed a grail doll for me! Her face is very special. I got mine 3 years ago and although she was expensive, it wasn’t anywhere near what she costs on ebay now!! But certainly, worth every penny!

  2. This colour suits Amanda so well, lovely dress! I also think Amanda has a beautiful face and hair colour 🙂 . Linda

    1. Linda, thank you so much! Yes, Amanda’s face and hair are exquisite! She is one of my favourite dolls.

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