Bonnie & Pearl dolls

Here is, finally, a group photograph of all my Bonnie & Pearl dolls! There are two more dolls but I think, I will stop here (in fact, even #5 was an accident, I wasn’t intending to have even 5!).

So, here they are (left to right): Tris (Beatrice), Erin (Catherine), Gabriella (Charlotte), Florence (Olivia), Indira (Sophia).


Two dolls with brown eyes. These are my absolute favourites among all Bonnie & Pearl dolls! Florence (Olivia) and Gabriella (Charlotte).


Two girls with brown eyes and brown hair but with a different skin tone – Indira (Sophia) and Gabriella (Charlotte).


Two brown-haired girls – Gabriella (Charlotte) and Erin (Catherine).


Two girls with blue eyes – Tris (Beatrice) and Erin (Catherine).


And all five girls together again!


4 thoughts on “Bonnie & Pearl dolls

    1. Thank you, Line! These dolls are very appealing. They are even better in person! That’s why they seem to have multiplied in my house in such a short time!!

  1. Мне кареглазки тоже нравятся больше 🙂
    А среди голубоглазых рыжая.

    1. Ну рыжулька и была моей первой! Но голубые глаза все равно неестественно отсвечивают, а вот карие глазки – чудо!

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