Matilda and Clem on Bintan Island. Part 3. On the beach.

Returning to the beach in Indonesia… As you can see, Matilda and Clem had loads of fun there!! It was a truly beautiful (but a very hot) day!

I made Matilda’s swimming costume out of my own favourite swimming costume as I couldn’t find any other suitable fabric for it. I even re-used the straps. The jeans overalls that Clem is wearing were made from a resized and adjusted pattern by Suzy M Studio. And the beach accessories (with the exception of the colourful towel which belongs to American Girl doll Julie) are from My Doll Best Friend shop!














4 thoughts on “Matilda and Clem on Bintan Island. Part 3. On the beach.

  1. Great photos, love the swimming costume, the fabric is perfect on her. I really like the photo of the girls playing ball where the ball is between them! Very clever!! 😉
    It looks like they, and you, had a fantastic time!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Oh yes, that ball!! I am so pleased that I came up with a way of doing it!! We had great time (that is, my daughter and I and the dolls, even though I was fainting by the end of that photosession!! I think I had a sun stroke.

  2. Indonesia looks so beautiful. The colours of the sea and sand are amazing. I love Mattie and Clemmie together! I have Clemmie on order. I usually prefer the long-haired dolls, but Clemmie is so original; I love her bright little bob and fascinating green eyes.

    1. Thank you, Pauline!! Indonesia is indeed beautiful! But very very hot! Yes, I prefer long hair without fringes, too. But there are some exceptions to this rule!! Clem is lovely!

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