My second daughter is going to have First Communion on Sunday. Our tradition is to give her a doll wearing a matching First Communion dress as a present.  My eldest daughter got Marie-Grace 4 years ago. My second one has been asking for Molly for years. As it happens, I have had her for years, but didn’t get a chance to present her to my daughter. But the time has come and she will receive her this week. Before I show her in her First Communion dress, a few photos of original Molly.

For those who don’t know, Molly McIntire is an American Girl from from 1940s. Molly’s book was the very first book that my daughters read (and the first AG film they watched) in the whole American Girl series. It’s very educational. I must admit I have never been particularly  fond of this doll but it’s my daughter’s choice and that’s fine with me!








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