Amanda’s long-awaited outfit

I have finally done it! I’ve finished a very special outfit for one of my very special dolls – Amanda (Chantal, Steiff by Gotz). I can hardly believe it myself but it took me almost 10 months to finish it! To be precise, it took me about a month and then 8 months of just sitting on it and doing nothing about it. And then a couple of weeks of putting the finishing touches for which my friend helped me because she’d realized that otherwise I would never get around to finishing it (I just needed to crochet half a dozen of little flowers and to assemble the belt but just the thought of it…).

So, the outfit consists of a blue cotton peasant blouse (took me some time to find the fabric which I had in mind for it and I am very pleased with it) and white cotton denim trousers without a belt adorned by crochet flowers. There is also a beaded bracelet (which was the first thing I made, even before the doll arrived), a beaded necklace and an elaborate belt adorned with crochet flowers and beads. It was the belt that took me ages to finish. I crocheted most of the flowers last June, and then I just couldn’t force myself to crochet some more to finish it. I used a 1 mm crochet hook and cotton thread #10-20 for them.

5 thoughts on “Amanda’s long-awaited outfit

  1. ООО, как долго я его ждала 🙂
    Брючки чудесные! Мне кажется сюда лучше будут белые бусики, и подлиннее. Голубые сливаются с блузкой

  2. Оль, костюм здоровский!!! Я захомячила))). Можно? Классно придумала брюки украсить цветочками и пояс – отпад! Еще браслетик, мммм….

  3. Котя, спасибо большое!

    Марина, спасибо! И бусики, и блузку, и даже туфли я планирую сделать новые. Но пока пусть будет так. 🙂

    Таня, спасибо большое! Конечно можно, хомячь!

    Sviatlana, thank you so much!

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